Country Stars Share Super Bowl Picks & Plans

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Country Stars Share Super Bowl Picks & Plans

Are you ready for some football?! Many of your favorite country stars are! Super Bowl XLV will take place this weekend between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers in Dallas, TX. We wanted to know who some of your favorite country stars are rooting for and what their plans are for the big weekend. Read below to find out what Jake Owen, Brett Eldredge, Josh Gracin, James Otto and many others told CountryMusicIsLove about the big game…

“I’m taking the Packers. After all… it is the “Lombardi Trophy.” ~Jake Owen

“I’ll be rooting for the Packers and hanging with my family! We’ll be eating our annual Super Bowl treats that include my wife’s awesome sausage balls dipped in some Louisiana hot sauce! We’ll have some some pizza and chips too– all the usual super bowl food!” ~James Wesley

“I think the Steelers are gunna come out on top of this one. Experience goes along way in the big dance. The Packers are strong though, I expect it to be close, but in the end I say Pittsburg 27 Green Bay 17.” ~Frankie Ballard

“We are going to a party at some friends house. All of us have kids so it’s gonna be crazy! Rooting for the Steelers all the way!” ~Blaine Larsen

“My pick for the Super Bowl is Green Bay…being from Houston, Texas, it's almost illegal to root for Pittsburgh…haha. Actually I like both teams and most of all, I like watching the great commercials!” ~Katie Armiger

“Steelers all the way! They are definitely my pick to win this year. Normally for the Super Bowl I’d be going to some parties to watch the big game with friends, but this year I’m out on the road on a radio tour and to be honest, I’m not sure where I’ll be this Sunday. But, where ever I am, you can bet I’ll be watching and cheering for the Steelers!” ~Jacob Lyda

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“If the Packers play in the Super Bowl like they played us (Falcons) They will beat anybody!” ~Craig Campbell

“Green Bay… because I hate Polamalu’s hair!” ~Josh Gracin (in reference to Pittsburgh Steelers Strong Safety, Troy Polamalu)

“Since my team is not in the Super Bowl I guess I really dont have a dog in this fight, but for kicks I am going to be pulling for the Steelers… I think that these guys may be a little bit of an underdog but will pull out a win come this Sunday. I am looking forward to actually being at the game this year, its going to be a blast.. Go Steelers!” ~Ty Brown

“I am a huge sucker for inspirational stories and Aaron Rogers fits right into that group. He is one of those players who has taken the back seat for many years but continued to persevere. It will make me so happy to see him and the rest of the Packers team win this year's Super Bowl.” ~Point of Grace’s Denise Jones

“This is a classic super bowl matchup! I’m expecting some smash mouth football! Being a Vikings fan I don’t have a dog in the hunt, but with the Packers being our biggest rival and this year a more than worthy adversary I wish them the best of luck.” ~James Otto

“I’m gonna be routing for The Packers…mainly for the fact that when it comes to The Steelers…wait, no comment… I’ll probably be hanging out with some friends eating some chili while we watch the game!” ~Chris Cavanaugh

“I’ll go with the Steelers!!! Because the Packers beat my Bears!!! Get out the terrible towels!!” ~Ryan Fleener from The Dirt Drifters

“I have TONS of respect for both teams in the Superbowl. I say the Steelers are going to be tough to beat, but my father is a die-hard Packers fan, and would love for him to be able to see them win one last time before the BEARS TAKE OVER for many years to come!” ~Brett Eldredge

“We can’t wait to watch the big game. We made sure that our flight home arrives in plenty of time so that we don’t miss kickoff. We have our priorities!… Emily picks Pittsburgh, Becky picks Green Bay, Joanna says ‘Football? What’s Football?'” ~Carter’s Chord

“It’s gonna be a close game, but I think the Steelers are gonna pull it out. Big Ben always seems to find a way to bring home the win and they’ve been to the big game before. They do all the right things and Coach Tomlin is great. So, Steelers!” ~Colt Ford

“I want the packers all the way… Still haven’t forgiven the Steelers for beating the Cardinals.” ~Scott Harter of The Harters