Country Stars Talk Halloween

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Country Stars Talk Halloween

(Kellie Pickler)

“I love Halloween. That’s my favorite holiday. It’s so fun. I…of course, we all love the candy — and the costumes; it’s fun dressin’ up. And it’s like the one day you can get by with bein’ anybody and anything you want to be that day, so you just gotta take advantage of it and milkit for everything it’s worth!” – Kellie Pickler

“I like Halloween ’cause, as I’ve grown older, I realize that Halloween is the one excuse every year for girls and women to dress up very scantily clad, and no one seems to think it’s weird! You know, like, it’s not weird for a girl to walk out of the house dressed like a sailor or a nurse, and I enjoy lookin’ at that, so…I’m not gonna lie, I am looking forward to not being scared on Halloween. I’m looking forward to kind of just admiring the beautiful outfits that I see dancin’ around Halloween parties.” – Jake Owen

Jennifer Nettles and Rodney Atkins

“Last year, Halloween came on a Sunday [we] spent Friday and Saturday taking Elijah to these different events to get to go trick or treating. We decided to take a tour of downtown haunted Franklin, Tennessee… Showed up at the courthouse downtown and then these people were kinda dressed up and this one girl just over the top, didn’t know what she was, she was all white with an umbrella and I’m thinking, ‘Who in the world is this freak?’ Get ready to start walking and I get tapped on the shoulder and she says, ‘Hey Rodney, Rodney it’s me Jennifer Nettles…’ I think she was a jellyfish.” – Rodney Atkins

“Halloween’s still fun for us. Lily’s ten years old and still trick or treating, you know, we’ll have maybe one or two more years of letting mom and dad go along. I’ve always enjoyed even as an adult, you know getting to dress up and mostly scaring people that come around our house had to knock it off for a little while when Lily was a certain age ’cause it scared her too so (laughs). I’ll hopefully be able to get back to the scaring real soon.” – Clint Black

“My dad was just so cool he would get me and a couple of my buddies we would go to a neighborhood; he would drive all over the place we were doing that before anybody else really was. And we’d get in the car and he’d take us all around to these other neighborhoods and we’d fill up three or four pillowcases full of candy… And ah some of it I’d turn around… I’d turn around and sell it at school ’cause I was trying to hustle, you know. I was tryin’ to make money I think I got in trouble for that. Halloween turned into trouble for me ’cause I’m tryin’ to sell Blow Pops for a quarter at school. But, you know, you’ve got to make a living somehow baby.” – Colt Ford

“It’s just as crazy as it was when I was a kid and I had four sisters in the house getting ready for Halloween and fighting and getting costumes ready and fighting over pillowcases because some are bigger than others. You know it’s just a crazy time of year. It’s no different with my kids now. They’re always excited whenever we start buying the Halloween costumes, they always, you know, have what they want, what they want to be. What we end up buying is totally different… What’s funny is I try to stay out later than they do because I benefit from what they get in their pillowcase.” – Josh Gracin

“Well we’ve got a couple parties to go to and we’re definitely planning on dressing up this year. My wife and my baby girl are gonna go as Mary and her little lamb so my wife’s gonna be Mary, Ava’s gonna be a little lamb and apparently they’re gonna dress me up as a farmer in overalls and the whole bit. So, farmer Otto is coming your way.” – James Otto