Country Stars Give Their Greatest Tips for Surviving Festival Season

From staying hydrated to wearing the right kind of airy clothing, country stars know just the rules to stick to when it comes to getting through a weekend of concerts.

Country Stars Give Their Greatest Tips for Surviving Festival Season
Kip Moore; Photo via YouTube

Festival season is upon us, and that means the keys to survival are vital when it comes to enjoying the days-long concert extravaganzas.

It takes more than looking boho-chic and planning out which shows you want to go throughout the fest to make it through until the end. From knowing what foods to eat to figuring out how to keep the group together, makeshift rules must stay in place to get through all the fun meant to be had.

The first and most obvious word of wisdom to stick to is to drink all the water in sight. Even if someone says they don’t need any more liquids flowing through their body, it’s important to maintain the right amount of fluids to stay alive and well.

“Hydrate early, because that is the only way to make it to late night,” Scotty McCreery warned fans about their hydration levels.

A huge part of attending festivals, though, comes with the look. Sure, some people take notes from Coachella and apply those all year long to other concerts. But being comfortable and ready overrules any choice of what truly makes a fashion statement. Take it from Maren Morris, who supports the ‘90s trend of fanny packs to keep all necessities together and keeping it clean in dark clothing.

“Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about wearing a fanny pack because they’re perfect for festivals and don’t wear anything white,” Morris stated as her guidelines.

Another major factor comes with creating a good group to support one another when things get rough and dusty around the grounds. Sticking with each other prevents any sort of problems because a group always beats managing those sorts of weekends alone.

“Make sure you go with people you trust, the buddy system,” Cam laughed.

Many festivals will be held throughout the summer, including the CMA Music Festival. More information about the festival can be found on the CMA Fest website.