CountryMusicIsLove Chats With ACM Top New Duo/Group Nominee the JaneDear girls

Written by SLN Staff Writer
CountryMusicIsLove Chats With ACM Top New Duo/Group Nominee the JaneDear girls

We had the chance to chat with ACM Top New Vocal Duo/Group Nominee, the JaneDear girls! Here’s what Susie and Danelle had to say…

On their ACM Top New Vocal Duo/Group nomination:

Obviously that award, if we were to win it, would mean the entire world to us because there’s nothing more special than being chosen by your fans.

On their ACM campaign video: (Click HERE to check out the video)

It was so much fun to do something like that because literally came together within like 4 days. The idea came up…one of our friends literally woke up in the middle of a dream and had a dream about this and he told us the idea and we freaked out like, ‘that is a great idea!” Susie and I were on a plane and we wrote the lyrics, or re-wrote the lyrics, to fit to what we do. Then the night of the super bowl, we finished the lyrics then the next day, Monday, we recorded it in a studio. The next day, on Tuesday, we filmed it and the next day it came out.

On what they’ve learned from being on tour with Jason Aldean:

I think the best thing I’ve learned is to put out great songs and you’ll be able to someday, maybe, if you’re lucky, sell out an arena. Literally every song that he sings we both love. We watch his show every single night because it’s so entertaining because his music is so good and he just has an genuine connection with his audience and I can’t think of a better rocker to learn from. That’s what we love to do is rock so we’re just so excited…

On releasing their debut album:

It’s a dream come true because we’ve been working together for five and a half years and we’ve written over 200 songs for this first album and so to see our dream coming a reality is a very surreal blessing and we are just so excited to see that happening.

On their fans’ reaction to the album:

The fans have been awesome. They let us know which songs they love, why they love them, they give us interpretations of what lyrics mean to them and it’s really really exciting to see the reaction they’ve had.

Listen to the audio below for the entire interview.

ACM New Artist fan voting for the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards is open through February 24 at noon. Click HERE to cast your vote.