CountryMusicIsLove Chats With ACM Top New Solo Vocalist Nominee Randy Houser

Written by SLN Staff Writer
CountryMusicIsLove Chats With ACM Top New Solo Vocalist Nominee Randy Houser

CountryMusicIsLove caught up with ACM Top New Solo Vocalist nominee Randy Houser to chat about his nomination, his new song “In God’s Time,” and more.

Here’s what Randy had to say….

On His Online Video Campaign:

The fact that the award is called top new solo vocalist is important to me. I’ve always tried to be the best I can at my instrument, that’s your voice ya know? I love that it’s called that…I’m about the music. I’m about playing music and singing it and trying to do it well. I think that’s important. I think it should become very important. What tickles me about all of this new crop me, Eric Church, and Easton Corbin, and all my buddies Lee and Jerrod and Jamey- everybody’s really good at what they do. It feels like the record labels are really finding artists again. Rather than something they can just dress up and make pretty and put in a suit and tell the chicken to dance. That’s kinda what I wanted to celebrate with these videos. Reminding people that I’m proud of that. I think I would wanna go buy my own record if I was a listener and that’s what I try to do everytime.

On what happens out in Vegas during the ACM Awards:

Usually what we do is me and my buddies Dallas Davidson and Luke Bryan, just a bunch of diferent guys have some dinners, play some games, ride some motorcycles, and have a good time. As for the stories, we don’t share those- what happens in Vegas stays there. (laughs)

On his new song, “In God’s Time”:

Woo! This could be a long conversation…I’ll try to give you the cliff notes. That song’s been on my heart for a while…[It] is more about self realization for me. The things that I realize in my life and the things that I always wanna hurry up and the things you want to happen so immediately. Sometimes they’re not even meant to happen. It’s kinda like that old song “Unanswered Prayers.” Sometimes they’re not supposed to happen, sometimes they are, but they’re not gonna happen until God gets ready for them to happen. And that went along with my life a lot.

When it came time to play at the ACM Showcase at the Opry I was just thinking about it and I had just wrtten it, basically. You know and I felt like I was given that song for a reason. Instead of using a band I just wanted to sit there and play the song and let the song do it’s work and let God do the rest.

Listen to the audio below for the entire interview.

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