Craig Campbell Readies Himself for ‘See You Try’ EP

Featured songs on the EP include "Outskirts of Heaven" and "See You Try."

Craig Campbell Readies Himself for ‘See You Try’ EP
Craig Campbell; Photo Credit: Cody Heckber

Five years later and Craig Campbell is back in full force with a collection of tracks for the See You Try EP.

Although it’s been a project in the works for quite some time now, Campbell can’t wait for fans to hear how much his voice and style has evolved since last sent out an album or EP. Putting his hard work and dedication in choosing the right songs to make the mix, the singer feels confident that See You Try marks his best work yet.

“For the past few years, I’ve created and found some of the best music of my career,” Campbell said in a press release. “I’m beyond excited to release this EP and show the Country music world what I’ve been up to. I’m very proud of the music and can’t wait for everyone to finally hear these songs!”

As a sneak peek for what lies ahead, Campbell already let fans listen to the title track from the project, which got listeners amped for the “Outskirts of Heaven” singer’s future. His latest recordings will also find their place into his setlist for his select tour dates scattered across the country for this summer.

See You Try arrives on Friday, June 8.

Craig Campbell’s SEE YOU TRY EP:

  1. “See You Try” (James McNair, Tyler Hubbard, Bart Butler, Jordan Schmidt)
  2. “Me Missing You” (Barry Dean, Jonathan Singleton, Dave Barnes)
  3. “Outskirts of Heaven” (Craig Campbell, Dave Turnbull)
  4. “Mas Tequila” (Craig Campbell, Jim Beavers, Chris DuBois)
  5. “Upstairs” (Kelly Archer, Justin Weaver, Al Anderson)
  6. “Kids in the South” (Chase McGill, Ben Hayslip)
  7. “Outskirts of Heaven (Acoustic)” (Craig Campbell, Dave Turnbull)