Craig Morgan Brings ‘Craig’s World’ To Fans

Morgan and his family are opening up their home to fans.

Craig Morgan Brings ‘Craig’s World’ To Fans
Craig Morgan; Photo credit: Connor Dwyer

Craig Morgan once again invites folks to join him as he goes about living his life in front of a camera for his new television series, Craig’s World.

“They just follow everything I do,” Morgan tells Sounds Like Nashville of the crew that hangs out with him. “I’m just like everybody else out there right now with the Coronavirus – we’re home working on the farm, we’re trying to help other people like the rest of our neighborhood is doing and they just keep on filming.”

Morgan is no stranger to being in front of a camera. He was the host for eight seasons of the award-winning Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors on the Outdoor channel. This show was a series of adventures as Craig went hunting, fishing, was lowered in a cage in the middle of a group of sharks, and tested his skills in the annual Fjaellraevan Polar sled dog expedition, a 205-mile dog-led adventure from the frozen mountains of Norway to Sweden.

His family also became accustomed to cameras being in close proximity during the series Morgan Family Strong. This show was filmed soon after the Morgan family lost their son and brother, Jerry, in a boating accident. The new series is a little different, Morgan explains after being asked if everyone in his family had signed on for the new series.

“Everybody but my wife,” he explains. “She is on it every now and then, but she didn’t want to be on it all the time. Those who want to join me can and if they don’t for a show, then they don’t.”

Morgan’s grandson, Cruze, made his debut on Morgan Family Strong in a very cool way. The four-year-old had a brand-new dirt bike and his granddad was teaching him to ride it. Morgan is an avid participant in motocross events so it is only natural he would want his grandson to learn the sport as soon as possible. Morgan says the cameras didn’t bother Cruze at all.

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“He’s at that age, he doesn’t even notice them. He’s so busy being a kid he doesn’t think about the cameras, and he was so excited about the bike. Plus he has a brand new little sister and he’s an amazing little brother,” Morgan says proudly.

The show combines live music and activities with family and friends, plus Morgan talking about his career, his life and his family. It is fast-paced and gives viewers a great overview of what it’s like to be balancing his career as a singer/songwriter/entertainer with home life and running Morgan Farms, a family owned and operated farm to home business that produces products from reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed materials. Many of the products in the store are made by Craig, his wife Karen and other members of the Morgan family. Cameras might even catch Craig carving a spoon or building a piece of furniture for the store!

The show debuted in March on Circle Television. Highlights include the singer running his first half-marathon and the birth of his granddaughter. It would have also followed the chaos of a concert and appearance calendar that was super busy in 2020, but the Coronavirus put an end to all concert dates Morgan had booked.

Morgan says not being on the road has not proved a hardship for the camera crew to find interesting things to film. “We are always doing something, just going through every day life,” he says. “Just like any family, you never know what we’ll be doing next.”

Though he’s busy between filming and his family, Morgan will take time Saturday, April 25, when he and fellow Grand Ole Opry member Luke Combs will perform on the 4,921 consecutive Saturday night broadcast of the longest running radio show.

It will be a memorable event, because the Opry has no live audience during the Coronavirus pandemic. It will be just Morgan and Combs as they bring the Opry into people’s homes through the radio at 650 WSM.

Morgan, who has been a member since 2008, says, “Performing on the Opry is brand new every time. It’s hard to believe it has been 12 years since I was asked to be a member. It’s amazing and I’m humbled beyond words to be a part of that. Being considered being a part of that elite group of people, only 200 members and only 70 or so living members, I don’t know what else you can do beyond that.”

Craig premiered the 10-episode Craig’s World on Circle Network March 5. New original episodes air every Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern/7p.m. Central. Craig’s World is produced by Nashville-based Heart Bridge Media.

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