Craig Morgan Keeps His Family Together in ‘Morgan Family Strong’ Docu-Series

After facing tragedy with the death of his son, Craig Morgan and family will unite on a docu-series called Morgan Family Strong.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Craig Morgan Keeps His Family Together in ‘Morgan Family Strong’ Docu-Series
Craig Morgan; Photo credit: UP TV/Christopher T. Martin

From an Army veteran to a huge country music star, Craig Morgan still holds close to the value of family over everything. After facing recent tragedy, he’ll motivate his loved ones on a new special project in the docu-series, Morgan Family Strong.

Taking on the so-called passion project in light of the sudden passing of Morgan’s son, Jerry, the Morgan family will channel their grief into The Gallery at Morgan Farms. Balancing life at the store as well as touring and Morgan’s continuous career, the show will follow each of the members in their hectic schedule while still maintaining time for each other.

The network, UP, who picked the concept to join their television lineup immediately noticed how optimistic and loving the family was despite facing their worst nightmare by losing someone so dear to their hearts and wanted to put their life on display.

Craig Morgan and family; Photo credit: UP TV/Christopher T. Martin

“Craig and his family are so genuine, real and authentic that we immediately fell in love with them and knew that their story was a perfect fit for UP and our viewers,” said Timothy Kuryak, Senior Vice President of unscripted development and production at UP in a press release. “They are such a fun and loving family, yet in the face of a terrible tragedy, they have turned to one another and grown stronger.”

Highlights from episodes of Morgan Family Strong will include Morgan performing at the Grand Ole Opry, traveling up the mountains of Alaska and celebrating the little things in life surrounded by unconditional love.

Morgan Family Strong will premiere on Thursday, March 1, at 9:30 p.m. EST on UP.