Curt Chambers Finds a ‘Good Thing’ On Infectious New Track

We have your first listen of his new song!

Curt Chambers Finds a ‘Good Thing’ On Infectious New Track
Curt Chambers; Photo credit: Gonzalez Media Productions

Country newcomer Curt Chambers sings of a budding romance throughout his optimistic new single “Good Thing.” A soaring arena anthem with a seductive bass beat and infectious chorus, “Good Thing” has Chambers referencing all the clichés that come to mind about finding true love.

Shows up when it wants to/ A shooting star in the night sky/ And you’re lucky if you’re standing/ The right place at the right time/ Runs off when you chase it/ Turns up when you look away … You know when you know,” he croons on the song’s first verse.

Chambers penned “Good Thing” with Nashville-based musician Jamie Kenny. The singer-songwriter began writing the song while playing upright piano before picking up Kenny’s Precision Bass since his collaborator was on drums. “That’s when the funk came. That’s me playing bass in the beginning on the track,” Chambers tells Sounds Like Nashville. “My favorite bass player from Philadelphia, Dwayne Moore, played the low end. Double bass on a country song, come on!”

The Philadelphia native who splits his time between California and Nashville has had success working with various acts in multiple genres including Dr. Dre and R&B singer Jaheim. On “Good Thing,” he says he wanted to remind people to focus on the important things in life that make them feel good. “I wanted to make people happy,” he says. “There are a lot of challenges and a lot of negativity right now.”

“Good Thing” is Chambers’ new single, which drops July 10. It serves as the follow-up to the country and R&B influenced “Roll With It,” and is the most radio friendly song he’s released to date. Despite Covid-19 halting the touring business and music production for the time being, Chambers is pushing ahead with the song’s release because he has something to say. “The fans need our voice now,” he says.

Listen to “Good Thing” above.