Danielle Bradbery On Being In A Relationship During A Pandemic

The couple is closer than ever!

Danielle Bradbery On Being In A Relationship During A Pandemic
Danielle Bradbery; Courtesy of Modeliste Magazine // Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild

Danielle Bradbery’s “Never Have I Ever” is a love song that was written before she was in her current relationship with her boyfriend, but one that she now relates to that story. And while some relationships have certainly been tested during this unusual time of quarantine and pandemic, she says hers has only strengthened while she’s been off the road.

“The love part of it, I’ve gotten to see him a lot more than I probably would have being on the road,” Bradbery told reporters recently. “I know a lot of people are like, ‘Either the quarantine has saved a lot of relationships or broken a lot,’ but you find out a lot about yourself. We got to spend a lot of time and we did a road trip together, which I think was kind of the make or break moment because we drove a pretty long way and we survived it, so thank God. It’s been a crazy time and it’s a lot better than I personally thought it would be.”

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Fans can see photos of Bradbery and her new love on the singer’s socials. She also says being in love has changed her songwriting process and how she sees herself as an artist.

“Now that I’m in a good relationship, a healthy one, he’s very supportive of what I do and isn’t jealous and is just all, ‘You go be Danielle Bradbery,” she says. “It makes such a huge difference and it makes me feel more confident. When I’m writing a song or recording a song, it’s night and day difference. You can probably hear how confident I feel. I feel more me.”

In addition to spending time with her boyfriend, Bradbery says the quarantine has allowed her to work on herself and express herself creatively.

“It’s such a crazy time we’re living in right now and we’re all trying to do it normal, which seems impossible, but I’ve honestly taken this time to try and be as creative as possible and maybe do things that I hadn’t before,” she says. “Just really focus on myself mentally because a lot of us don’t really have this time.”

“Never Have I Ever” recently surpassed 14 million global streams. She also released a new song, “Girls In My Hometown.”