Danielle Bradbery’s Video For ‘Never Have I Ever’ Was Filmed While Social Distancing

The video was filmed while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Danielle Bradbery’s Video For ‘Never Have I Ever’ Was Filmed While Social Distancing
Danielle Bradbery; Photo Credit: Peter Zavadil

When it came time for Danielle Bradbery to shoot the music video for her new single, “Never Have I Ever,” she had some new hurdles to overcome due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She had to find a way to shoot a high-quality video while keeping a safe distance from others, and after some planning, she and a small crew pulled it off in Texas.

“We came up with the idea of traveling to Austin Texas, which is about a three-hour drive from my hometown, and we got with the director and about five people — usually there’s a few more than that,” she says. “Everybody had masks on, everybody had gloves, we were super, super strict about everything. We were like, first of all, we don’t want to get in trouble for all of this, but second, let’s try to get a music video that’s really vulnerable and authentic to this song.”

The video shows Bradbery singing the song in a picturesque field as the sun goes down, and later, in a barn. The video features a few outfit changes, and although she couldn’t get the usual music video crew to shoot the video due to social distancing guidelines, she was able to find someone special to do her hair and make-up.

“My mom was my glam girl,” says Bradbery. “She is a hairdresser, so it worked out perfectly, and no one, I don’t think, does it better than mama. She was there, a lot of my family got to watch, so it was a really special, unique, crazy time, but we did it and I’m very proud of what came out of it. It was an interesting moment.”

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Felt way too good to be back in Texas for this 🖤

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“Never Have I Ever” was written by Bradbery, Laura Veltz and David Hall Hodges, and is available now.