Darius Rucker’s New Single ‘Beers And Sunshine’ Provides Positivity During An Uncertain Year

This is a perfectly uplifting song for the times.

Darius Rucker’s New Single ‘Beers And Sunshine’ Provides Positivity During An Uncertain Year
Darius Rucker; Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon

Darius Rucker released his new single, “Beers And Sunshine,” just a few short weeks ago. The upbeat song encourages listeners to forget the worries of the world and just enjoy life. This is exemplified in the tune’s catchy hook, as Rucker sings, “Everybody’s down in a world gone crazy / Don’t know how to fix it but I think maybe / Turn on the good times, turn off the TV, the only B.S. I need is Beers and Sunshine.

The good-time song was written during the pandemic by Rucker, J.T. Harding, Josh Osborne and Ross Copperman over a Zoom call, and it was inspired by the singer’s desire to write something that offered some positive light during an uncertain time.

“We’d probably been locked down for a couple months and everybody was stir crazy, and we were talking about how everybody wanted to just get out and do something,” Rucker told a group of news outlets, including Sounds Like Nashville. “We knew there was going to be a whole bunch of really serious songs about what’s going on, but just the way we are and the way I am, we wanted to write something that was fun and upbeat. When we got that line, ‘The only BS I need is Beers And Sunshine,’ I knew we had our song.”

The song is Rucker’s first single to be released to country radio in two years, as the singer was busy participating in Hootie & The Blowfish’s reunion tour and the release of their new album, Imperfect Circle, in 2019. Rucker says his upcoming solo album was almost finished prior to the writing of “Beers And Sunshine,” but when they wrote the song, it changed the plans for the project.

Darius Rucker; Cover art courtesy of UMG Nashville

“I thought I had it mapped out, I did,” says Rucker of the new album. “That song, when it came along, just threw a wrench in everything because we knew that had to be the first single.”

It’s fitting that “Beers And Sunshine” celebrates some of the simple beauties in life after a year that has been so full of uncertainty for many people due to the ongoing pandemic. Rucker says he has felt the weight of this year as well, but has found refuge in his music.

“Like everybody else, you find a little bit of depression and everything, but I have songwriting to keep me going,” he says. “Once I started writing this record, that was exciting to me because the songs are so good and I’m so happy and things are great.”