Darryl Worley and Wife Doing ‘Fine’ After Devastating Cyclone

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Darryl Worley and Wife Doing ‘Fine’ After Devastating Cyclone

Darryl Worley and his wife Kimberly are doing “fine” after Tropical Cyclone Winston made landfall on the island of Fiji where they are currently visiting as part of “Tunes In The Tropics.”

Worley’s management updated fans on his well-being via Facebook this afternoon after Worley and his wife made contact with his mother-in-law.

“They weathered the storm in a concrete storm room at the resort,” the status update reads. “The islands are devastated and there is no electricity. There is some limited generator use at the resort. They have no wifi or information coming in so they don’t really know when they will get to leave or any details of things around them other than where they are.”

The message then thanked fans for their prayers and asked for continued prayers due to several residual earthquakes that have been occurring since the storm passed.

Cyclone Winston is the most powerful storm that’s ever been recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. According to CNN, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center estimated the storm’s winds reached 184 mph just before it made landfall on Saturday.

One death has been reported thus far.