David J and His TikTok-Star Buddies Let Loose in ‘For the Boys’ Video

Check out the exclusive premiere of his boys-will-be-boys masterpiece.

Written by Chris Parton
David J and His TikTok-Star Buddies Let Loose in ‘For the Boys’ Video

There’s plenty of romance in country music, with countless songs dedicated to guys and girls trying to get together (and then stay together). But for young newcomers like David J, sometimes you just need to let loose with your buddies.

In the Sounds Like Nashville premiere of his new “For the Boys” music video, the 18-year-old emerging talent brings his new fun-country brotherhood anthem to life — and he does it with some famous friends.

Filmed by Randy Shaffer in South Alabama at both a private hunting camp and Boggs & Boulders Mud Park on the Sepulga River, the clip finds David J and some pals doing what guys do best. Full of four-wheel energy and mood-boosting mayhem, the clip is an off-road adventure of epic proportions — and the kind of guys trip that gets talked about for a lifetime.

Following the song’s theme of making memories while the gang is still together, David J says it was especially meaningful since it featured some of his real-life bros — including TikTok influencers like Cale Saurage (@calegoes), Dane Lindfors (@danethegreatt), Blake Moore (@bmoe_34) and Caden McGuire (@cadenmcguire).


“I wrote ‘For the Boys’ [with Jordan Lake and Sean Giovanni] one day while we were out on a boat fishing,” David J explains. “We were on the water and wrote a song we wished we were listening to in that moment. So when it was time to film the video, I called in one of the best group of guys to hang with — just some country boys out in the woods doing country boy stuff for a few days. No cell phones and no cell service — just out there hanging with the boys!!”

“For the Boys” came out in early December, matching a blood-pumping beat and hands-in-the-air spirit. The track is the follow up to David J’s breakout single, “Lost My Heartbreak,” which incidentally, first got attention by going viral on TikTok. That song has now been streamed more than 10 million times, and the promising talent plans to keep pushing forward in the new year. He’ll release his first EP in early 2022.