David Nail Lands In Hospital For Appendix Removal

We hope you feel better soon, David!

David Nail Lands In Hospital For Appendix Removal
David Nail; Photo courtesy MCA Nashville

David Nail had a “mid-week detour” that landed him in the hospital on Wednesday (3/31). The singer took to social media to post a photo of himself in a hospital bed and revealed that he had surgery to have his appendix removed. Nail shared that he began feeling symptoms Tuesday afternoon, but assumed they would subside. When he woke up on Wednesday morning, though, he was experiencing severe symptoms, and informed his wife, Cat, that he was heading for the hospital.

“Woke up feeling 100% normal on Tuesday, but by noon, it was hard for me to walk from my car, to the front door of our house,” he wrote on social media. “Around dinner time, I told Cat whatever this is, I think it’s easing up somewhat, and I should be fine by morning. By 7:30pm, I could barely walk to use the bathroom, and even laying down was extremely painful. At 6:30am Wednesday morning, after maybe 2-3 hours of sleep, I woke up Cat, and said I’ve got to go to the ER, and drove myself.”

Nail continued, explaining that the doctors ruled out other possibilities for the pain and discomfort before landing on the appendix. Nail was taken into surgery one hour after the determination. Although the hospital is not where he wanted to spend a few days, he conveyed his thankfulness to the hospital staff for his care.

“Certainly not where I expected to be when I woke up Tuesday morning,” he wrote. “I’ve been fortunate to avoid hospitals for most of my life thus far (knock on wood), so maybe it was just a matter of time so to speak. I do know it takes a special breed of person to work in these places, and the care I’ve received has been first class.”

“Though I held out hope for going home late tonight, due to the condition my appendix was in, I was told I needed to spend the night,” he continued. “As upset as I was about the entire ordeal, I’ve felt nothing, but at ease with the staff here at our local hospital. I’m so thankful my family is a couple interstate exits from such top notch care. Our neighborhood friends have been great, and I look forward to getting back home in the morning to Cat and the kids. Just a minor mid-week detour!”

A few fellow country singers commented on Nail’s post on Instagram sending him well wishes. Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild wrote, “So sorry David,” and Jake Owen commented, “Feel better buddy!” Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three also commented, “Damn buddy. Feel better and holler if ya need anything.”