David Nail ‘Never Intended’ On Making a New Record So Soon

"It’s amazing how quickly two great songs will recharge the batteries," said Nail.

Written by Lauren Laffer
David Nail ‘Never Intended’ On Making a New Record So Soon
Photo by Tori Leggett

Powerhouse vocalist David Nail has spent many years working on his music and touring the country. But recently, he decided to take some time off from the hustle and bustle to spend some time at home… or at least that was the plan.

“I’d planned on taking two months off. Catherine had finished up her Masters [Degree] that year and was getting ready to start teaching, and we were getting ready to start IVF, and so we had a lot of things going on personally that I really wanted to kind of reconnect with her with,” he explained. “Life is, as often the case, when people in Nashville and the business find out you’re home for an extended period of time, they’re not gonna let you not work for very long. So, lo and behold, the first week in January, I wrote both ‘Home’ and ‘Fighter.’ That was really the first time in years that I had not only written two songs in a week, but two really, really special songs. It’s amazing how quickly two great songs will recharge the batteries.”

After writing the songs, Nail headed into the studio and ended up crafting his upcoming record, Fighter.

“I immediately was intrigued by going in and recorded ‘em. So, I remember talking to Frank [Liddell] about just going in and recording a couple of demos – I hadn’t recorded demos in years. He said, ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, what do you think about using the same players that we used for ‘I’m a Fire?’ Some folks at the label caught wind of it, and I remember the phone call that asked me ‘Why exactly are you going in to record these two songs and only two songs, and would you consider making a record if you had the songs?’ And I, as clear as day, remember just lying through my teeth and saying, ‘Oh, well, if I need to record a record right now, I mean I can record a record. I have the songs,’ and I didn’t have any. So, no, I never intended on making a record at all.”

Fighter, featuring his hit “Night’s On Fire,” will be available starting July 15.