Delta Rae Take a Dreamy Look at Complex Relationships in ‘Do You Ever Dream?’ Video

Delta Rae mystify the mind with their dreamy, Icelandic adventure for their latest heart-wrenching single, "Do You Ever Dream?"

Written by Hannah Rines
Delta Rae Take a Dreamy Look at Complex Relationships in ‘Do You Ever Dream?’ Video
Delta Rae; Photo via YouTube

Delta Rae is stepping up their game in more ways than you thought possible. The release of their new song and accompanying video to “Do you Ever Dream?” is a work of art that will stimulate your senses. This very personal song explores the complexities of a relationship that has run its course and stopped at an unsatisfying dead end.

“We wrote the song after Brittany’s breakup with someone who didn’t share her imagination and vision for the future, and I think it was cathartic for her to finally tell that story,” says Brittany’s brother and bandmate, Eric Hölljes. “For me, it was one of the most creative experiences of my life and it has jump-started the next chapter for the band, which is proving to be our most ambitious and creative yet.”


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“Do You Ever Dream?” takes a progressive look into the future of a dying relationship. Lead vocalist Brittany Hölljes depicts the reality of love lost and yearning with her primal vocals and spiritual realization expressed in the video.  The emotion and severity of the message portrayed in the song is translated into the video and spans from the bands home turf in North Carolina all the way to Reykjavik, Iceland.

“One of my best friends from college is a genius filmmaker who directed our first music video for ‘Bottom of the River,'” expressed Eric. “He’s always wanted to shoot a video in Iceland, so we booked the cheapest tickets we could find, story-boarded on the flight, and traveled around the gravel roads eating salami and cheese sandwiches in a rental car, pulling over to shoot when we saw something beautiful.”

The video is a visual representation of the pain and beauty of love and loss, as Brittany races across the stunning Icelandic countryside (and gravel roads) barefoot. And in an eerie turn, the singer’s reflection does not mirror her but watches her.

Up next, Delta Rae will begin a 16-week residency at The Basement in Nashville where they hope to give audience members a three-dimensional experience. “The Delta Rae Revival” will offer an immersive experience from the parking lot to the stage as audiences assemble every Wednesday from September 5 through December 19.

“Country fans deserve a show like this, southern magic and music for the soul,” says Brittany.

You can watch the “Do You Ever Dream?” video above or stream the song on Spotify.