Dierks Bentley Finally Dives in on Lake Jump for 2017

Bentley challenged himself to stay in the 36-degree water for a mere 13 minutes to count for every day he's missed since the new year began.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Dierks Bentley Finally Dives in on Lake Jump for 2017
Dierks Bentley; Photo via Facebook video

It’s tradition for Dierks Bentley to do a Polar Plunge come the start of a new year, so it seemed rather peculiar when he opted out for the daring challenge on January 1.

But even Bentley couldn’t resist the cold yet superstitious ritual he’s participated in for the past 15 years, so he decided to give it a go after a mere 13 days. For his belated attempt though, the “Black” singer decided to turn the occasion up a notch by adding more time to the clock.

Taking his body to the lake, Bentley filmed himself submerging into the 36-degree water with only shorts to give him warmth. Putting himself to the test for as many minutes as days he missed out on from the Polar Plunge (a whopping 13), Bentley used heavy breathing exercises to focus despite freezing in the water on contact.

After the clock ticked by, Bentley admitted that his core was warm and stable while the rest of him remained feeling quite iffy. Although he appeared to be doing just fine during the plunge, his chest turned red after a short five minutes wading around in the lake.

Posting the video to his social media pages, Bentley spent the time in the water not only keeping his stature together, but also promoting what’s next on his plate for the year: his What the Hell Tour 2017.

The country singer will be heading out on the road starting next weekend for his upcoming tour with mates Jon Pardi and Cole Swindell to join him for the ride. Fans can find tickets and tour dates on Bentley’s website after checking out his winter escapade into the frigid cold water to find more information.