Dierks Bentley Stops Tour Rehearsals for HQ Game

Bentley tried to use his flip phone for access, but lost the chance to partipate with the rest of his band.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Dierks Bentley Stops Tour Rehearsals for HQ Game
Dierks Bentley; Photo via Facebook

Stop everything and break out your phones because Dierks Bentley and his band are hopping on board the HQ train.

During one of the crew’s rehearsal times recently, Bentley and the guys took a brief break from their jam session to participate in the highly popular game app. The country singer, unfortunately, doesn’t have the up-to-date capabilities on his flip phone and felt major FOMO when he realized he couldn’t compete with the rest of his pals.

“when you have rehearsal but you want to play @hqtrivia instead #mountainhightour,” he posted with the video.

Even some of the band members tried to configure their way to an app menu for Bentley, getting confused with the 2000s technology hindering him from joining the competition. At one point, the “Woman, Amen” singer tricks one of the guys into trading phones in order to get a chance in playing HQ for the day.

Hilariously enough, the other extreme length that Bentley went to for a spot in the day’s round of HQ was searching through his iPad for the downloaded franchise. Sadly, he missed his shot when Scott Rogowsky, the famous host of the trivia, announced round one had already begun.

Fans can catch Bentley on the road this summer, and prepare themselves by picking up a copy of The Mountain when it arrives on June 8.