Dolly Parton Secretly Revealed Christmas Album Title In Viral Meme

Did you notice the sweater in this viral meme?

Written by Grace Lenehan Vaughn
Dolly Parton Secretly Revealed Christmas Album Title In Viral Meme
Photos courtesy of Dolly Parton

This Friday (Oct. 2), Dolly Parton will release her new Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas. While she officially announced the news of the album last month, eagle-eyed fans may notice she secretly revealed the title of the album in a now-viral meme challenge posted in January.

The post, which was dubbed the #DollyPartonChallenge, is a humorous commentary on how people present themselves on different social media platforms. The meme features four photos of Parton showing how she would present herself on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder with the caption, “Get you a woman who can do it all.” The Christmas album easter egg appears in the photo for the Facebook option, as she’s seen sporting a Christmas sweater that says “Holly Dolly Christmas.” Parton is now pointing out that clue in a new Instagram post just days before the album release.

“Who caught this #AHollyDollyChristmas clue from January?!” she wrote in an Instagram post on Sept. 30.

The recent post features a video showing clips from talks shows and news publications covering the viral challenge. The video then reveals that the infamous sweater is now available for sale in turtleneck, crew neck, and t-shirt versions.

A Holly Dolly Christmas will feature 10 tracks showcasing a mix of classic Christmas tunes and original songs. The album also features duets with Michael Bublé, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson, and her Parton’s brother, Randy Parton. In addition to her album, Parton is getting in the Christmas spirit by sharing Christmas recipes with a new Williams Sonoma collection, and she will also release her Netflix musical, Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square, on November 22.