Watch Dolly Parton Wish You a Personalized ‘Happy Birthday’

She'll sing a birthday wish to the tune of '9 to 5' for any name you can imagine!

Watch Dolly Parton Wish You a Personalized ‘Happy Birthday’
Dolly Parton; Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/ Copyright 2020

Country legend Dolly Parton is ready to make birthdays even more special, as she teams with American Greetings to send out a personalized song for each and every fan.

Unveiling the “Birthday Time” SmashUp Ecard Collection, Parton can deliver a delightful custom greeting set to the tune of her iconic hit, “9 to 5″ — and speak almost any name you can think of. With 1,200 different names available for Parton to say, the card finds her singing from the stage of the Country Music Hall of Fame Theater, with the lucky recipient’s name next to her in flashing lights.

“Celebrating who you are and why you are special is something I have always encouraged and have known is important for my own identity,” Parton says in an official statement. “God made us all unique in our own ways, and I love the fact that I was able to offer something special for everyone. In a time like now, when we do not get the chance to share special moments like birthdays with each other in-person, I am so happy to know my ‘Birthday Time’ SmashUp ecard is now available to share with those you love.”

The Ecard is part of a multi-year deal between Parton and the company, and next up is a full line of physical greeting cards coming to Walmart this summer. And according to Rob Matousek, Executive Director/GM – Direct to Consumer Business at American Greetings, this “Birthday Time” card is about to make countless dreams come true.

“She makes everything sparkle and hearing her say your name and seeing your name in lights next to Dolly on stage is sure to be magical for lucky recipients,” he says.