Dustin Lynch Celebrates Success of ‘Mind Reader’ in Nashville

“Mind Reader” is the third consecutive No. 1 single for the rising star, following “Where It’s At” and “Hell of a Night.”

Written by Laura Hostelley
Dustin Lynch Celebrates Success of ‘Mind Reader’ in Nashville
Photo via Instagram

It doesn’t take a psychic to know that Dustin Lynch’s “Mind Reader” is a great song. The country singer gathered all those who played a part in the success of the catchy single on Wednesday (Aug. 24) to celebrate its No.1 position on country airplay charts.

“When a big song comes to you you remember where you were,” Lynch says at the celebration. “I was between Seattle and Portland, and I get a text from Rhett [Akins] that says check your inbox, we sent you a good one. So I listened to it, and it was really good.”

“Mind Reader” is the third consecutive No. 1 single for the rising star, following “Where It’s At” and “Hell of a Night.” Lynch has come a long way since his debut single, “Cowboys and Angels,” and admits that “Mind Reader” has helped him find who he wants to be as a performer.

“I’ve discovered a bit of who I want to be as a part of that song,” he tells the crowd. “Every line in that song is a flirty line and that’s so much fun for me to sing on stage.”

He continued to tell how when he is in the spotlight opening for Luke Bryan, he can see how “Mind Reader” helps the boys in the crowd flirt with the surrounding females. ”It’s done a lot of great things for the guys on the Luke Bryan tour,” he adds.

Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip penned the hit. The idea for the tune was sparked from a date Akins was on a night before the two were scheduled to write.

“Everything we write is usually generated right there. So we just usually talk, he was out with the girls the night before, imagine that. And so I’m like ‘how’d it go?’” Hayslip says of the song’s origin. “And he says ‘Man I’m pretty into this girl, the scary thing is it’s like she’s reading my mind,’ And I go the last thing you need is a girl that can read your mind. So I said let’s write that and somehow the title ‘Mind Reader’ got thrown out and that’s where we took it.”

However, “Mind Reader” isn’t the easiest phrase to rhyme and that’s where the writing pair got stuck along the way.

“The hardest part for me was not writing it, but how to make ‘Mind Reader’ sing well,” Akins adds. “It’s not an easy word. How do you sing mind reader, what are we going to rhyme with mind reader? It wasn’t the story that was that hard, but how to make this sound cool.”

The party took place at Nashville’s South, which makes the celebration come full circle for Lynch since he used to play at the same bar with a different name when he was just dreaming about having No. 1 hits instead of acknowledging them.

Lynch recently released the leadoff single, “Seein’ Red,” from his upcoming album. He is currently in the studio working on the project and is yet to announce an album name or release date.