Dustin Lynch is Not a Fan of Public Speaking

Dustin Lynch may be able to play a 30-minute set on stage every single night on the road, but public speaking is just not for him.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Dustin Lynch is Not a Fan of Public Speaking
Dustin Lynch; Photo by: Andrew Wendowski/Sounds Like Nashville

Dustin Lynch knows just how to command a stage with his incredible energy whenever he plays a show, but never hand him the mic if he’s about to give a speech.

Although the country singer has learned how to establish a strong stage presence from his countless years on the road throughout his career, he still stumbles over the idea of giving a grand talk in front of a big crowd. It may not sound like much of a stretch from performing to public speaking, but Lynch can’t grasp the idea of talking amongst an audience.

“I can sing in front of one person or a million people and it not affect me, [but] when I have to give a speech…I don’t know why, I just…You know, if I have to do some sort of thank you, I usually get pretty torn up about it. Probably speaking in front of folks is kind of embarrassing for me,” Lynch admitted to NASH Prep.

Hopefully, Lynch gets accustomed with preparing some sort of speech no matter how short in preparation for his future in country music. He never knows when he may need something to say in terms of winning a big award or accepting an honor in the industry on his behalf.

In the meantime, Lynch can enjoy himself in the musical sense while out on the road for the Brad Paisley Weekend Warrior World Tour traveling all across the country. Dates and information for the tour can be found on Lynch’s website.