Dustin Lynch’s Fans Have Him ‘Seein’ Red’ This Valentine’s Day

"Every night on stage I see red," he says, once again flashing that friendly smile.

Written by Annie Reuter
Dustin Lynch’s Fans Have Him ‘Seein’ Red’ This Valentine’s Day
Dustin Lynch; Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Dustin Lynch had us all “Seein’ Red” with the release of his steamy new single. A song that has his fans screaming from the moment the first guitar lick is played, Lynch tells Sounds Like Nashville backstage at Crash My Playa 2017 in Riviera Maya, Mexico, that it’s one of his favorite songs to perform.

“It’s been one of our fastest rising songs,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville with a big smile. “It’s fun to sing because I get to flirt with the girls and it’s uptempo. It’s a great song for our live show.”

As Valentine’s Day comes near, we had to ask the singer when was the last time he was seein’ red and he laughs at the question before getting serious.

“Every night on stage I see red,” he says, once again flashing that friendly smile. “As far as a serious relationship, it’s been a couple years now. I’m happy with where I’m at in life, getting to do a lot of cool things. We’re getting busier and busier, obviously doing bigger and bigger shows. Working on this last album is really using all the brain power I have. I’m not seeking out some sort of serious relationship right now. I’m just enjoying life, making music.”

Lynch is currently on Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots Tour and in the midst of all his time on the road he’s been writing and listening to songs for his forthcoming third studio album. He admits that the little time off he has often has him keeping to himself.

“I’m gone all the time and when I’m home I kind of want to be alone,” he confesses. “Even when I’m not working I’m a recluse and sit at the house and chill out.”

While Lynch won’t be doing anything special this Valentine’s Day he fondly recalls writing a song for his high school girlfriend specifically for the holiday. He can’t quite remember the song now but thinks it was titled “Unconditional,” or “something cheesy.” He traveled from his home in Tullahoma, Tenn. to Nashville record it and she loved it.

Lynch is very laid-back when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. While he admits he’s out of the game for now, in previous years he’d look forward to a great dinner and conversation.

“In past years it’s a great dinner, great conversation, chill out on the couch,” he says. “I’m a Mexican food guy. I don’t have a favorite meal. These days I’ve got to eat so healthy I don’t get to enjoy food the way I used to. I sneak it in there every now and then.”