Easton Corbin Returns to His Roots with New Single, ‘Turn Up’

Corbin is back!

Easton Corbin Returns to His Roots with New Single, ‘Turn Up’
Easton Corbin; Photo credit: Thomas Crabtree

Country singer Easton Corbin makes his return with the feel-good song, titled “Turn Up.” Available today (5/14), Corbin fans will appreciate the singer’s traditional style mixed with his own Southern charm. The mid-tempo jam kicks off with a catchy guitar melody before Corbin sings, “Turn off your lights / Turn off your phone / Turn off your whole workweek.” The single is from an upcoming EP that the singer-songwriter says “will be getting back to his roots.”

Co-written by Corbin and his producer Wade Kirby, the song’s title was surprisingly inspired from watching the NBA finals. Corbin shared, “[Kirby] had heard one of the players after the game [say], ‘Man, I’m just ready to turn up.’” The two then turned those two words into a genuine country anthem.

In the last few months, Corbin has been focusing on writing songs for the new project. “This writing that I am doing is definitely inspired by some [experiences] from my life. I always take pride in the fact that I cut songs I can relate to indirectly or directly,” he commented. “I choose to write songs that [are about] who I am and where I am in my life.”

The performer also celebrated a Number One song anniversary. His debut single, “A Little More Country Than That,” hit the top of the charts ten years ago in April of 2010. “That song changed my life and it’s just been a whirlwind since,” Corbin reflected. “That [tune] really defines who I am and where I come from and always will.”

Even though Corbin didn’t have a hand in writing the hit, the singer mentioned, “It’s [more] about the song for me. I’m always pretty hard on myself on what I write. If I think the outside song is better than what I’ve written, I’m going to record that song.” Corbin continued, “This time that I have had to go back and write, I’ve [been able] to really concentrate on making the songs the best that I can.”

As for the forthcoming music, he elaborated, “We will have some serious stuff. I think [the songs are] kind of a wide array. For me, it’s always about keeping one foot in traditional [country] and one foot in modern, and marrying those [two together].”

The performer, like most artists, is ready to hit the road again. “I just want to get back out there to the people … they’ve been asking quite a while about new music and now I can finally say, we are [going] to release some.”

You can view the lyric video for “Turn Up” above and stream the song on iTunes or Spotify.