Easton Corbin Talks ‘All Over The Road’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Easton Corbin Talks ‘All Over The Road’

Country hitmaker Easton Corbin is back in stores today with his highly anticipated sophomore album All Over The Road. The album features 11 new tracks including Corbin’s current Top 10 smash “Lovin’ You Is Fun.”

We recently caught up with the Florida native to discuss the album and his traditional country sound. Check out the Q&A below…

CMIL: How did “All Over the Road” recording process differ from that of your debut album?

EC: I think this time I was a little more aware of how the whole process went together. I understood that it takes a while to get things out. It took 2 years to put this together but I love the songs we finally got.

CMIL: Did you feel more comfortable in the studio this time around?

EC: Definitely. The studio is a comfortable place for me anyway, but after our success with the first record, I felt more relaxed and ready to make a record even better than the last.

CMIL: Did you have more time to work on it?

EC: Yeah this time it took almost 2 years to make. It was a slow process, but that allowed me to sit with the songs and really learn to appreciate them. I’m thankful it came together like it did.

CMIL: Did you feel any pressure with this album or were you ever afraid of the “sophomore slump”?

EC: I think there’s always a little bit of pressure to top the success of your last record, no matter what number you are on. And of course I always want to bring the best I can make to the fans. I want them to keep on enjoying my records and keep coming to the shows. I think I pushed myself with this record and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

CMIL: What is your favorite part of the album making process?

EC: The best part for me is hearing a demo of a new song and instantly knowing you want to cut it. It’s awesome to be that excited about a song.

CMIL: Do you have a favorite track? If so, which one and why?

EC: I really like “I Think of You” because it can be interpreted so many different ways. It can be about an ex or your husband who is fighting overseas, or even a loved one that has passed. It’s so universal. I also really like “A Thing For You” because it’s simple, yet has a lot of meaning.

CMIL: You have a very traditional country sound – why is it important to you to stay true to country music?

EC: Traditional country is who I am. I think I would be not be staying true to who I am and what I was meant to sound like if I did anything else. My voice fits that pocket of country music and I want to stay true to who I really am.

CMIL: What are your thoughts on the state of country music right now? It seems a lot of artists are pushing the boundaries between country and pop.

EC: I think the state of country music is great. I am obviously a bit more traditional, but those who may push the boundary between country and pop could potentially bring a pop listener into the country world and they may stumble upon my music. So I think it can only help gain more country music fans.

CMIL: You’re setting sail with us and about 25 artists next month on the Blake Shelton Cruise. What are you looking forward to most about it?

EC: I’m just really excited to get out there and play for the fans. That comes about a month after the album comes out, so hopefully some of the fans know some of the new music from this record.

Click HERE to purchase All Over The Road. Fans can keep up with Easton on Facebook, Twitter, and his official website.