Elvis Presley’s Graceland Home Vandalized With Graffiti

What a shameful and misguided thing to do.

Written by Chris Parton
Elvis Presley’s Graceland Home Vandalized With Graffiti
Exterior view of Elvis Presley's house Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 2018. (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)

Parts of Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis were covered in graffiti by unknown vandals recently, who spray painted various slogans connected with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The spray-painted graffiti was found on Graceland’s outer wall and sidewalk, a part of the famous tourist attraction that meets with public space. Normally, the wall is covered in handwritten messages of love and dedication to Elvis — often written while fans wait in line for the annual candlelight vigil — but groundskeepers found some startling and shameful additions.

Slogans like “Defund the Police,” “Abolish ICE,” and “I Can’t Breathe” were tagged over portions of the wall, covering up the fans’ messages and painted in black, orange, pink, blue, green, yellow and red letters.

Multiple other landmarks in the city were also vandalized, suggesting an organized group was behind the acts which took place on an annual day celebrating Memphis culture. Graceland has declined to comment, while debate over who is responsible and Elvis’ support of the black community moved to social media. Workers have already pressure washed the graffiti off, estimating the cost of repairs for all the various locations hit at around $150,000.