Quarantine Q&A: Keep Busy With Emma White’s Stay-at-Home Activities

The country up-and-comer dishes on how she's been getting herself through self-isolation!

Written by Drew Pearce
Quarantine Q&A: Keep Busy With Emma White’s Stay-at-Home Activities
Emma White; Photo credit: Katie Kauss

Crazy times have hit the country music world with the quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, artists like Emma White are using this time of self-isolation to delve into some new music, movies and books as well as taking a much-needed break from the business of life.

“Staying home has given me time to reflect and get back to the essentials. There’s something really peaceful that comes with minimalism and using only what you really need,” White tells Sounds Like Nashville. “In the last week, I’ve made every meal at home, kicked a few bad habits – like buying coffee every single day – and I feel a lot less distracted. I’m starting to miss going to a few of my favorite restaurants, but in what I hope is a temporary pause for all of us, there are definitely some silver linings.”

Sounds Like Nashville caught up with the “If You’re In It” singer to get the scoop on how she’s been keeping herself entertained and the positives that can come out of the quarantine life.

Movie I’m Watching: I’m more of a documentary lover (and need new recs!) but just finished Marriage Story on Netflix.

Music I’m Listening To: I’ve been looking forward to Kelsea Ballerini’s album that just came out – will definitely be listening!

Game I’m Playing: I’m cooped up alone at the moment, so I’m not playing too many games… but over the phone/text, saying anything to make someone laugh (if that counts). 😉

Book I’m Reading: The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates. My Dad mailed it to me and I haven’t had time to finish it! That, and Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

TV Show I’m Binging: Currently watching The Morning Show with Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon – it’s incredible.