Emma White Releases ‘Mothers And Daughters’ Ahead of Mother’s Day

This song is truly touching.

Emma White Releases ‘Mothers And Daughters’ Ahead of Mother’s Day
Emma White; Photo credit: Susan Berry at Berry Face Photography

Emma White is singing about the one-of-a-kind relationship between moms and daughters in her new song, aptly titled “Mothers And Daughters.” Released just in time for Mother’s Day on May 9, the song finds White singing about all the good things about mother and daughter relationships, but she also mentions the sometimes-complicated dynamics of them. Overall, the song serves as a tribute to White’s own mother and mothers everywhere.

“‘Cause I can’t walk a tightrope without you even if we don’t see eye to eye / Maybe I just need to get it wrong, even though I know you’re right / Sometimes mothers and daughters fight,” she sings in the chorus.

“The hook is ‘mothers and daughters fight,’ but it’s really a song about how much I love my mom,” White told Sounds Like Nashville. “And we do actually ‘…talk three times a day.’ It might be more, but it’s kind of funny, because I’m the one calling.”

The song is realistic about mother-daughter relationships, as White mentions still needing her mother’s support, singing “You’re the voice in the back of my head at all times,” but the tune also addresses the inevitable conflict that comes with every relationship.

“There’s nothing I don’t share with my mom,” White says. “We’re so close that it’s inevitable to disagree sometimes, but she will always be my most trusted advisor.”

“Mothers And Daughters” follows White’s recent releases “Thirties,” “Can I Call You Then,” and “Never Give Up.”