EP Review: Muscadine Bloodline’s ‘Movin’ On’

Muscadine Bloodline prove to be a promising country duo worth keeping on the radar with their upcoming release, Movin' On.

Written by Annie Reuter
EP Review: Muscadine Bloodline’s ‘Movin’ On’
Muscadine Bloodline; Photo credit: Sean O’Halloran

Muscadine Bloodline are set to release their second EP on Friday (April 27), and the five-track project Movin’ On showcases the budding duo’s undeniable talent. Alabama natives Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster co-wrote each song on the album, which features unique storylines and mesmerizing harmonies.

Produced by Luke Laird, Movin’ On is just a hint of what’s to come from the country duo. Songs like “Gravel” strike a chord with an all too real tale of a rough breakup. With ear-grabbing musical accompaniment, catchy hooks and a storyline that has the listener rooting for the guy in the song to win back his girl, “Gravel” leaves a lasting impression.

Meanwhile, “You On Me” and “Can’t Tell You No” switches gears with a more positive ending as Muscadine Bloodline tell the tale of a girl they just can’t get enough of. Where the guitar licks impress on “You On Me,” it’s the duo’s striking harmonies that are at the forefront of “Can’t Tell You No.” On the latter, they sing of a man who doesn’t mind blowing off his friends to spend some quality time with his girlfriend. With vivid imagery of the couple dancing in the kitchen, the sweet sentiment alongside a bluesy guitar riff and soulful singing style paints the picture of the perfect relationship.

While Muscadine Bloodline’s musical talent and knack for captivating storylines is showcased throughout the entirety of their EP, it’s on the standout title track and current single “Movin’ On” that hints at their star power. Penned with Cary Barlowe, “Movin’ On” has a man trying to get over his ex. At first, he can’t walk into the bar they used to frequent or run into one of her friends without thinking about her. But, by the song’s end he finds himself slowly moving on.

“No more drinking alone, staring at that phone, drive by their house and don’t care if they’re home / One day you’ll wake up, the hurt ain’t as strong / Maybe, maybe, maybe you’re just moving on,” they sing on the chorus.

With a soaring guitar feature by Stanton at the song’s close and a melody that stays long after the song is over, Muscadine Bloodline prove to be a promising country duo worth keeping on the radar.