Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Tickets Purchased by Scalpers

The seats salvaged by Church and his team for his Holdin' My Own Tour will go directly back to his fans. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Tickets Purchased by Scalpers
Eric Church; Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

All hail The Chief, Eric Church, for putting in his own executive order by cancelling 25,000 tickets purchased by scalpers.

The country singer has always been an advocate for the banning of scalpers throughout his entire career, so during his current tour, Church decided to take it a step further by eliminating the outrageous ticket activity to give his true fans a shot at seeing what his live show is all about.

Taking the thousands upon thousands of tickets away from those who boosted the price immediately after purchasing for their own financial gain, Church put the seats back on the market to ensure the legitimacy of the touring business for those who were previously cheated by the system.

“They buy thousands of tickets across the U.S., not just mine, and they end up making a fortune,” Church said in an interview. “They use fake credit cards, fake IDs. All of this is fraud.”

Little by little, Church has remained steady in his battle against the scalping business by previously cancelling tickets at a handful of shows in the past. But his move to take the initiative to the next level proves the “Record Year” singer’s dedication to his fans who give him support day in and day out.

“We’re getting better at identifying who the scalpers are,” Church previously said. “Every artist can do this, but some of them don’t. Some of them don’t feel the way I feel or are as passionate.”

The seats salvaged by Church and his team for his Holdin’ My Own Tour will be available for fans to purchase beginning now for his Canadian dates, with others released on February 27. Fans can check out Church’s website for more details.