Watch: Eric Church Fights for His Fans in ‘Desperate Man’ Video

Fans come first for Eric Church!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Watch: Eric Church Fights for His Fans in ‘Desperate Man’ Video
Eric Church; Photo Credit: John Peets

Eric Church is an artist who fights to put his fans first, and that message was loud and clear in his music video for “Desperate Man.”

In the cinematic clip, the singer and his team work hard in what seems like a drug trafficking scheme. Keeping his wife and daughter out of the loop, Church and his team work behind closed doors, trying to evade authorities looking to stop him. As the clip continues, it’s clear that the team is actually working on pressing illicit vinyl records and getting them to fans before anyone can stop them.

With authorities working for EMI (Church’s record label and a division of Universal Music Group) hot on his tail, Church & co. make a desperate attempt to get music directly into the hands of fans around the country. Boxes upon boxes of vinyl records are loaded into a private plane and dropped from the sky to those hired to make the delivery. Though EMI eventually finds their way into Church’s home, they come up short as all of the evidence is already gone.

Eric Church

Eric Church; Photo Credit: John Peets

Working on the heist with the North Carolina native is his “Desperate Man” compadre, Ray Wylie Hubbard, who co-wrote the track with Church. The song came after Church found himself with writer’s block in the studio and called upon Hubbard for some help.

“I was a little lost for a while. I think, like a lot of people, I was in a little bit of a funk after something like that,” he told Rolling Stone Country. “I was still a little burned out. A little bit going through the motions. I think that’s part of what happened when I first went into the studio, is I still wasn’t quite ready to get there.”

“That’s where ‘Desperate Man’ kind of came from,” he added. “I wrote that in the studio. I got a little bit desperate in there to just find an album, because it was not fu__ing happening.”

“Desperate Man” is the lead single from Eric Church’s upcoming album of the same name. The record is set for release on Oct. 5 and available for pre-order now.

Desperate Man track listing:
1. “The Snake”
2. “Hanging Around”
3. “Heart Like A Wheel”
4. “Some Of It”
5. “Monsters”
6. “Hippie Radio”
7. “Higher Wire”
8. “Desperate Man”
9. “Solid”
10. “Jukebox and a Bar”
11. “Drowning Man”