Eric Church Debuts Timely ‘Never Break Heart’ During ACM Presents: Our Country

Church's performance and speech were both so profound.

Eric Church Debuts Timely ‘Never Break Heart’ During ACM Presents: Our Country
Eric Church; Photo via @opry on Twitter

Eric Church delivered a message we all need to hear right now with an impassioned speech and performance of his new song, “Never Break Heart.”

Church dropped his “Mr. Misunderstood” persona to deliver a message from the heart to the country music community about keeping hope alive during these trying times. Church preluded his touching new song with spirited words about remaining positive, admitting that like many, the hardest part of this situation is not being able to gather with people. “After some thought and a lot of prayer here’s what I know – I have hope and you should have hope,” he begins, acknowledging how mankind has gathered since the beginning of time for a multitude of purposes ranging from fellowship to song to grief.

“But they’ve gathered, and we will gather again,” he assures. “The important thing to remember is to not fear and be brave and to endure.”

He then launched into a plaintive performance of his new song “Never Break Heart” which carries this message. Sitting in a rustic room with an acoustic guitar in hand, Church sang, “Go on and be brave heart, go on and keep your faith heart, it’s okay to cry, but don’t never break heart.”

Church was one of the many stars who offered sentimental performances during the two-hour CBS special.