Eric Church Teases ‘Tip of the Spear’ New Single, ‘Stick That In Your Country Song’

New music from The Chief is coming very, very soon!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Eric Church Teases ‘Tip of the Spear’ New Single, ‘Stick That In Your Country Song’
Eric Church; Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese

Eric Church is ready to rock the country world with the release of his upcoming single, “Stick That In Your Country Song.” The singer, who has never shied away from difficult topics, plans to shake things up, promising ‘the best in his career.’

“I wanted you guys to hear from me first that a new single is about to hit the world,” he shared in a video sent directly to Church Choir members. “It’s gonna be the tip of the spear for what’s coming after, and it’s a big spear.”

According to Whiskey Riff, the singer also shared “I believe it’s the best we’ve ever been, in our career. Don’t have a reason for that, creativity took over. I’m as proud of this music, that’ll involve different forms, that I’ve ever been. And I cannot wait until we can all get together and I can play it. And you can sing it, and we can have that camaraderie, we can have that communion… because I miss that, and I think everybody misses that. It’s coming and when it gets here, it’s gonna be a sonofabitch.”

Church has been working away in a remote cabin in North Carolina during the extended quarantine months. He’s also teased new music with his ACM Presents: Our Country performance (“Never Break Heart”), Stagecouch appearance (“Jenny”) and in a spoken-word recording, “Through My Ray Bans.”

“Stick That In Your Country Song” will be sent to country radio on Monday, June 29, with its official premiere taking place on iHeartRadio on Thursday, June 25.