Eric Paslay and Wife Welcome Baby Girl

Eric Paslay is a dad! The singer/songwriter and his wife Natalie welcomed a baby girl in Nashville on Saturday, December 8.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Eric Paslay and Wife Welcome Baby Girl
Eric Palsay and Wife Natalie

Eric Paslay’s Christmas gift came early. The singer/songwriter and his wife Natalie welcomed a baby girl into the world on Saturday, Dec. 8.

According to PEOPLE, the couple named their daughter Piper Lily after three days of deliberation.

“It took three days for us to name her! We needed to get to know our baby girl before we could choose,” the couple shared with the publication. “After getting many smiles and much laughter from all her cute little sounds and squeaks, Piper suddenly fell into place and seemed right for her. Her middle name came a little easier. Lily is a derivative of Elizabeth, who was Mary’s cousin and the mother of John the Baptist. It also happens to be Natalie’s favorite flower!”

Leading up to her birth, the couple had no idea what they were expecting as they were just hoping for a healthy baby.

“How many surprises are there where you’ll be equally happy no matter what it is? We were just praying for healthy. Neither of us had a clue what she would be, and we felt like people were guessing both genders fairly equally.”

While they never confirmed whether it was a boy or girl, they had a surprise prediction from a close family member.

“The one gender prediction that really stuck with us happened really early. Like, really early — before we knew we were pregnant!” they recalled. “Natalie’s 92-year-old grandpa walked out one morning, looked at Natalie and asked her where her little girl was. We were all really surprised and explained to him that Nat didn’t have a little girl. He smiled, shrugged it off and said he must have dreamed it. Natalie and I about lost it! [We’re] glad his dream came true!”

Paslay and his wife first announced their pregnancy in July. They shared a photo of the singer/songwriter busking for “diaper money.”