Eric Paslay Remembers the Good Ol’ Days in ‘Young Forever’

Eric Paslay looks back on how good he had it as a kid growing up in his reminiscent release, "Young Forever."

Written by Kelly Brickey
Eric Paslay Remembers the Good Ol’ Days in ‘Young Forever’
Eric Paslay; Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Growing up and getting old never sounds as fun as staying ‘Young Forever,’ according to Eric Paslay in his latest single.

The innocence and naïvety of being a kid again leads the spirit throughout Paslay’s track, in which the banjo and background singers liven up the prospect of reliving those glory days from so long ago. Written by Paslay with the help of Chris Destefano and Morgan Evans, the song captures the meaning of being wild and free in a time where cares don’t matter and worries don’t weigh you down.

Paslay wanted to put out “Young Forever” as his next launch into country radio for the reminiscent theme of it all. Even while he recorded the track, he knew there was something special within the nostalgia of those past memories and the happy recollection that comes along with being a kid.

“After ‘Friday Night’ and ‘She Don’t Love You’ singles hit, me and the guys toured our butts off,” said Paslay in a press release about the song. “I needed a reset, so my wife and I bought a farm. We renovated the house on it DIY style. But I kept my head down as I was really focused on writing songs I loved. When we wrote ‘Young Forever,’ it totally reignited the fire – I couldn’t wait to record it and get it out to the fans. I think it captured the joy, the dream and the hope that made me fall in love with music when I was a kid and it reminds me, every time I play it, why I keep falling in love with music over and over again.”

Although Paslay has been touring for the past couple years following the release of his debut album, he’s looking forward to getting some new music out there to fans with the anticipation of his sophomore record on the horizon.

“Young Forever” can be heard on country radio or streamed on Spotify now.