Exclusive: Jana Kramer Covers ‘Cowboy Take Me Away’ for TBT Cover Series

Jana Kramer shows off the power within her vocals during a cover of the Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away" for a TBT video series.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Exclusive: Jana Kramer Covers ‘Cowboy Take Me Away’ for TBT Cover Series
Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer keeps working on the new with the release of her most recent independent single, “I’ve Done Love,” but that doesn’t stop her from throwing it back to the good ol’ songs in her cover series.

This week, Kramer shows some love to the popular 90s country trio, The Dixie Chicks, by taking on their iconic hit “Cowboy Take Me Away.” The country singer coasts through the classic lyrics as she sits comfortably between two acoustic guitar players that provide the perfect backtrack for the low-key cover.

She powerfully connects with the heartfelt lyrics throughout the entire video clip, including on the chorus of, “I said, cowboy take me away / Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue / Set me free, oh, I pray / Closer to heaven above and closer to you / Closer to you.”

Just as the Dixie Chicks showed with their career in country music, Kramer hopes to prove that she isn’t just an ordinary singer by expressing her true identity throughout her new music. Breaking boundaries set by the industry standards, Kramer wants to portray her life in the most authentic way she can, whether or not the critics agree.

“Nashville wanted to put me in a box,” she shared. “[It dictated] how I was supposed to sing and what I was supposed to sing about. … I’m just not the kind of artist that’s meant to be in a box,” she said in a recent interview.

Check out Jana Kramer’s cover of the Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away” and head to iTunes to add her latest single, “I’ve Done Love,” to your digital download library now.