Exclusive Premiere: Jon Langston’s Lyric Video for ‘Right Girl Wrong Time’

Memories of a long lost relationship with bad timing flood the mind of Langston throughout his heartfelt video for his single, "Right Girl Wrong Time."

Exclusive Premiere: Jon Langston’s Lyric Video for ‘Right Girl Wrong Time’
Jon Langston; Photo credit: Blythe Thomas

Jon Langston faces the tolls of timing gone wrong in his latest single for country music called “Right Girl.”

Born out of a real-life experience that Langston personally went through, the singer channeled his emotions in the writers’ room one day with songwriting friends, Jordan Rager and Cole Taylor. Within minutes, the trio of guys came out of the makeshift therapy session with a song that stayed close to Langston’s heart despite years of moving on from the situation.

“So it really came about a little over two years ago now. I was going through a long-distance relationship issue, you know how that goes. It was just real tough. She was still in Georgia and I was in North Carolina up at school. She was out of school. And it was just…she was the right girl at the wrong time, and that idea popped into my head one day,” Langston told Sounds Like Nashville during a phone interview.

Throughout the lyric video, exclusively premiered through SLN, memories of a lost love project across the screen that make the viewer go back to a happier time. Although Langston may have suffered a bit of heartbreak over the personal connection to “Right Girl Wrong Time,” he understands that many of his listeners will be able to latch onto from their own heartfelt experiences in relationships.

“It was just one of the songs that you write in 30 minutes,” he explained. “It just falls into place and it just feels so natural and very personable. We just told the story of it. So, that’s how we really wrote it. It was just one of those quick writes where we were like, ‘This is awesome. This is so relatable and people are going to gravitate toward this.’”

Langston’s single, “Right Girl Wrong Time,” is available to stream or purchase now.