Exclusive Q&A with ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Cast Member Whitney Duncan

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Exclusive Q&A with ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Cast Member Whitney Duncan

As we previously reported, country cutie Whitney Duncan has been cast on the new season of “Survivor: South Pacific,” which premieres TONIGHT at 8pm EST on CBS. Duncan will be joined by 15 new castaways and two returning players on the show.

We recently had the chance to ask Whitney a few questions about her experience on “Survivor.” See what she had to say below….

CMIL: How did you decide to go on “Survivor?”
WD: I applied last year and didn’t make it on the show, but they called me this year & I went to L.A. to audition. And luckily, they picked me!

CMIL: Was your experience everything that you thought it would be?
WD: It was harder than I thought it would be, but it was amazing!

CMIL: Were you able to share your music with any of your co-stars on “Survivor”?
WD: I kept my music career a bit of a secret. I just told my tribe I was a songwriter, because I wanted them to take me seriously. I didn’t want them to think I was there just to promote my career…those kind of contestants irritate me. I am a “Survivor” fan.

CMIL: Did you write any new material while participating in the show?
WD: I had a couple of song ideas, which when I got back to Nashville I wrote. Actually one song made my new EP that will hopefully be out this fall or early 2012.

CMIL: Now that it’s over with, knowing what you know now, would you participate in the show again?
WD: Absolutely!!!!

With the disappearance of her 20-year old cousin, Holly Bobo, earlier this year, we knew going on the show must have been a tough choice for Whitney. Holly is still missing and Whitney was kind enough to chat about the situation with us…

CMIL: Was it hard to leave for the show with so much going on in your family life?
WD: It was most definitely one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. After much discussion with my family, I decided it was best that I do the show. I would regret not doing it.

CMIL: Will you be able to use your celebrity status gained by ‘Survivor’ to help spread the word even more about Holly?
WD: I hope so…I definitely talk about her on the show. It was difficult being away from my family & not knowing what was going on during filming.

CMIL: Are there any updates with Holly’s case that you’re able to share with fans?
WD: Unfortunately, there is nothing new.

Duncan placed fifth on the fifth season of “Nashville Star” in 2007. Her debut album, Right Road Now, was released digitally by Warner Bros. Nashville in 2010. Fans can pick up her latest EP, Young In America, on iTunes now.