Exclusive: Watch Adam Hambrick and Justin Moore Strip Down ‘Somebody Else Will’

Moore has been one of Hambrick's biggest champions!

Exclusive: Watch Adam Hambrick and Justin Moore Strip Down ‘Somebody Else Will’
Adam Hambrick; Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

At first listen, country traditionalist Justin Moore and pop/soul newcomer Adam Hambrick sound like polar opposites. Musically, they may play in two different spheres, but in reality, they’re both storytellers at heart. In fact, Moore had a hand in discovering Hambrick after seeing him sing on a local television station in Arkansas. “He’s like my Country music guardian angel,” Hambrick says of Moore. “The fact that my music is so different than his, and he still thought it was interesting and thought it was cool just says a lot about his sensibility.”

That sensibility led Moore to record “Somebody Else Will” for his 2016 release, Kinda Don’t Care—a song Hambrick co-wrote with Kelly Archer and Tebey Ottoh.

“I don’t write a lot of ‘Hey girl’ songs. That’s not really me,” Hambrick admits. “This song is a ‘Hey girl’ song, but I feel like it’s a little more real because it’s a song about the dude working up the courage to go say, ‘What’s up?’ to this girl that he finds incredibly attractive.”

A testament to the power of collaboration, Hambrick gives ample credit to his two co-writers of the flirty “Somebody Else Will,” adding, “I would not have written this song if it was just me in a room.”

In an acoustic video premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville, Hambrick and Moore simply blended their diverse styles and picked the best of a handful of organic takes during a jam session that was as effortless as their friendship. “It’s easy to do that kind of thing when you’re just shooting the breeze and making music with friends,” Hambrick says. “I feel like that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Moore has become one of Hambrick’s biggest supporters since the songwriter moved to Nashville six years ago. Under Moore’s guidance, Hambrick’s been able to establish himself as one of Music Row’s brightest lyricists. “I’ve just had some great mentorship and some great people to learn from,” offers Hambrick. “So that’s let me slowly learn how to be me, instead of feeling like I had to try to make something happen every day. I think the people who are most successful in this business are the people who are comfortable in their own skin.”

In addition to writing Moore’s chart-topping single, Hambrick has also co-penned cuts by Dan + Shay (“How Not To”) and Lindsay Ell (“Waiting On You”). The Mississippi-native recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut, where he performed his first Country radio single, “Rockin’ All Night Long.”

Watch Moore and Hambrick trade vocals on an acoustic version of the No. 1 hit in Sounds Like Nashville’s exclusive premiere of the in-studio performance above.