Fan Review: “American Saturday Night” Tour

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Review: “American Saturday Night” Tour

Tori took in the Lexington stop of the “American Saturday Night” tour late last week and was kind enough to share her review of the show with us. Read below to hear about Tori’s night with Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert, and Brad Paisley…

I was lucky enough to get to go to the 6th stop on the American Saturday Night Tour in Lexington on January 21st- and even better, I had 2nd row seats!

First up was Justin Moore, this was my third time seeing him in concert and he never ceases to amaze me, he’s so talented! The crowd really loved him. I was right up against the runway & he grabbed my hand twice! He even gave a little girl his own guitar at the end of his set ! He only got to sing 5 songs though which was a bummer!

Justin Moore - CountryMusicIsLove

Next was Miranda Lambert, she looked beautiful as always. She got to sing for an hour and was soo much fun to watch! She’s so full of energy and sounds just as amazing live as she does on her cd’s. During her song kereosene, where she says “light em up, and watch them burn, teach em what they need to learn, HA!” she got right up next to me and pointed at me which I thought was really funny. Halfway through, Miranda said “I got a guest for yall tonight” and out walks Blake Shelton, they sang his song Home. I ended up getting her set list afterwards.

Miranda Lambert - CountryMusicIsLove

Last up was the headliner, Brad Paisley. He stayed on for about two hours because he told us he “wanted us to get our money’s worth,” that was really sweet. His stage set up and videos are so amazing and so much fun to watch. He’s realy good at making sure he gets to see the whole crowd, he was walking back and forth, and up and down the runway all night. He even walked down through the crowd twice. He didn’t talk too much, which I didn’t really like because I like when they singers really joke around with you and tell stories, but he still put on a heck of a show.

Brad Paisley - CountryMusicIsLove

This was my 29th concert and probably the most fun one I’ve ever been to. If you have the chance, you definitely need to get tickets and check it out !