Fan Review Of Kenny Chesney Sound Check Concert

Fan Review Of Kenny Chesney Sound Check Concert

Our friend Julia was lucky enough to attend Kenny Chesney’s special sound check concert the night before his big stadium show in Seattle, WA this past weekend. She had a great time and was nice enough to recap the show for us. Since there were no pictures allowed at the soundcheck event, the pictures included are from the show the following night. Enjoy…


The Soundcheck was amazing!! My guess is that there were about 400 lucky fans that were waiting for the soundcheck to begin. It was a beautiful evening in Seattle and the fans were ready to enjoy an evening with Kenny. There was a lot of hurry up and wait. We waited in line for quite a while to get into the stadium. Then we waited in line again once we got into the stadium waiting to be led out into the sandbar. Finally (after about an hour � of waiting) the led us into the sandbar!!! From there the staff placed all the fans all throughout the sandbar. There was a ton of camera equipment located throughout the sandbar.


The director came on and gave us a few rules. The most important was that there were to be no photos taken at all. If photos were taken you would be removed immediately. This was understandable since they were videoing. It was confirmed that the videoing was for a 3D movie that is to be released around April/May of 2010. They wanted us to have fun and that we needed to give Kenny the vibe and excited for 50,000 fans. In the background you could hear instruments playing and tuning, but mostly you could hear songs from Aerosmith, Bob Marley, etc… pumping up the crowd and probably Kenny too. Perhaps it was from his favorite playlist!


After much waiting, about 2 � hours, Kenny finally came on. Wearing his straw hat, gray shirt and diesel jeans, he opened by running on the stage and then started belting out his famous songs that we all know and love. I thought there would be more starting and stopping of songs since it was a “soundcheck” but it was like a full concert instead. Obviously Kenny and his band members have the concert down to a science so they did not need to stop and start alot. At one point when the cameras were off, Kenny wanted to thank us all for being there. He said this was the first time they have ever done anything like this and he was very excited that we were all a part of it. He also said it was very surreal to be playing for fans in an empty stadium. It was amazing to hear the echo throughout the stadium as he was singing.

Kenny sang for a 1 � hours straight with not too much talking in between songs. He belted the songs out just like he was singing to 50,000 fans and did several autographs at the end. I thought he would take it easy since he had the big concert the next day but he gave it 110% as he always does.


He sang Old Blue Chair twice. Apparently there was a lyric mishap the first time he sang it. He had a conversation with his crew member and said they couldn’t use the footage from the previous concert he sang it at because he had a different color shirt on so we got to hear it again and there was no one complaining about that. Everyone seemed to enjoy it just as much the second time if not more as it's not often you hear him perform that song. Rumor has it that he has been wearing the “uniform” (plain gray shirt) alot this tour for the 3D movie so they can use footage from various concerts and try to make it look like the same concert! Again, that is just a Rumor but totally makes sense!!! 😉

It truly was an amazing experience to be part of the evening and I hope he does this more often so that others have the chance to experience it as well.

Thanks so much Julia for sharing the special night with us!

If you’d like to see more picture’s from the Seattle stop of the “Sun City Carnival Tour,” you can visit Julia’s husband’s website full of great photos HERE.