Fan Story: Abby’s Amazing Birthday With Taylor Swift

Fan Story: Abby’s Amazing Birthday With Taylor Swift

Abby celebrated her 20th birthday this past Thursday by taking in the Lexington, KY stop of the “Fearless” tour featuring Gloriana, Kellie Pickler, and Taylor Swift. Not only did she witness a great show, Abby had some extra-special moments throughout the night. Here’s her story…

Today (April 29) was my 20th birthday and to celebrate I got tickets to her concert in Lexington, KY which was on my birthday. I was really excited about this concert and was determined to do anything to meet her. Well yesterday my dream came true. I was chosen to receive a meet and greet with Taylor Swift. So here is the story of my fairytale concert experience…

Me and two other friends decided to go down to the arena for part of the day in hopes of getting pit seats. We got there at 12:30 and stood by the bridge overlooking the back of the arena by the busses. We met up with other Taylor fans there as well. We then decided to see if we could get closer to the busses so we moved down to a church parking lot directly across from the busses. We stayed there for several hours with our posters in hopes of pit seats. While we were there I saw Tom from Gloriana get out of the bus and walk towards us. I ran to catch him and was able to get a picture with him and told him it was my birthday. He wished me a happy birthday and signed my poster.

Then we went back to the parking lot and 30 minutes later one of Taylor's assistants came out with pit passes. I was able to get some for my whole group and was SO EXCITED…Like I was already gonna be meeting Taylor but now I was going to be IN THE PIT right near Taylor the whole time. But that was just the beginning of my fairytale. I got to the arena at 5:30 and picked up my meet and greet band. When I got back there they had us chant “Taylor, Taylor, Taylor” until she came in…My nerves were starting to kick in. Then she came in and it was like so amazing. When it came my turn I went up to her and she gave my a big “taylor hug” and I told her it was my birthday and that I was SO excited to be here. She told me happy birthday and said she was excited that I came. She then proceeds to tell me that my dress was beautiful and that she really loved it. That put a big smile on my face. Then I gave her my gift which was a photo collage of fans from Taylor Connect where I won my meet and greet from. She said “awww thank you so much. This is really sweet. I love it” She then took a moment to stop and look at all the pictures on it. I pointed out the picture of us together and she loved it. Then I asked for a guitar pick because I told her I collect then from every show I go to and she said she didn't have one, so I proceed to tell her that I would be in the pit during the show. She told me that was awesome because Grant and Paul throw out a lot of picks and if I didn't get one she would make sure I got one.

As I was walking back to my seats I saw Brandon one of her dancers so we stopped to get a picture. Then we took our picture and I got one last hug from her plus a signed picture they gave us. Now I went down to the pit and the night begun. Gloriana and Kellie Pickler were fantastic. Got to touch Kellie hand a couple times and Tom from Gloriana looked over at me. Then Taylor came on and that was when the real fun began. I got to touch her hand quite a few times. Some of the highlights were when she came out to her mini stage, I made my way to the back of the arena. I managed to get a hug from her as she entered the soundbooth and when she was leaving the soundbooth I got another hug, told her it was my birthday and she slipped me her bracelet in my hand. It was a magical moment. Then I hung around the soundbooth and met her mom Andrea. I took a picture with her a talked for a second. She was the sweetest person. She even gave me 3 guitar picks. Then I made my way back to the pit. I was able to get EVERY setlist from each of the bands, plus guitar picks from everyone. Taylor even gave me her guitar pick like she said she would.

Then after the show I met one her dancers Lacey. We took a picture together and chatted for a second. She is sooo sweet and she even knew who I was. So I would have to say that April 29, 2010 was truly a magical day/birthday. I have captured it and will remember it.