Fan Story – Christian & Reba McEntire

Fan Story – Christian & Reba McEntire

Christian was kind enough to send in her recap of a Reba -filled day for her last Thursday at Nashville’s annual CMA Music Festival. She’s a HUGE Reba McEntire fan so this story is extra special for Christian! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Christian!

Reba was simply amazing! As soon as I got into the Convention Center on Thursday, I went to the Valory booth and got my wristbands. I had made a video on youtube about wanting to meet her and that’s how I got them…when Valory saw it. If it had not been for that…then I would not have even seen her. (I’ve been going for three years and I had never seen a booth so packed full of fans, not even Taylor Swift’s booth this year!) Her booth was so insane and people camped out from 6pm on Wednesday until it opened at 10am on Thursday just for her! So I got up and we were late getting in the convention center. When that terrible rain came, we got caught walking down the street in it. So we were standing back behind the Ryman waiting for it to let up. Finally we got there about 10:15am and went to find the girl who had the tickets and she had written my name on them so I got two wristbands for Reba! It was so exciting!

When she came in…you could hear it throughought the whole building. It was so loud. I waited in line for about an hour and 45 minutes before I got up there. During the wait there was a man walking around with a microphone and asking questions about Reba’s new album and talking to the fans in line and I talked on and on about her for about 10 minutes, thinking it was nothing important. I was told by alot of people that the interview with some of the fans was going to be played on the radio during her album release…who knows? But finally it was my turn in line!

I walked up to Reba and she was like “Hey how are you”. And I said the same thing. I handed her a clock I had made for her and she got really excited and said “You made this?! For me?!”. I told her that I wanted to take a little something for her and she smiled and grabbed me and said “Okay, we have to take a picture of this awesome clock”. So we got a picture with it.


Then she took my magazine out of my hand and asked me what my name was. I told her and she spelt it correctly when she said it, but then she mispelled it on the magazine and goes “Oh I am so dyslexic!”. Then I was telling her about how I cut class to see her and she signed something for me three years ago. Reba was so shocked and was like “How do you remember that? It was forever ago”? I told her that it was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. She thought it was sweet and grabbed me again and said “I dont care what they say, we will do another picture”. They kept screaming that only one picture and one autograph was allowed but Reba kept taking them with me!


I would talk to her and she saw I was trying not to cry and she was telling me that it was okay and not to cry over her. I still did so she grabbed my hand and was hugging me and I had my head on her shoulder crying! Of course, I expected her to be nice, but she was so much sweeter than I ever imagined.

I was a little bummed about LP Field that night. We had just got through her photo line in front of the stage when they cut her off! They were rushing me out during “The Fear of Being Alone”. I couldn’t think of anything to write on my sign so I wrote REBA IS UNBELIEVABALE. She smiled, pointed, and then waved at me. When we got around behind the stage again, I was screaming because they had cut the big screen I was watching off and I didn’t hear her anymore. Then I heard why. We did stick around for the three hours waiting on the show to resume, and we were lying on the pavement trying to rest while we waited. When they said it would resume, and Reba had left, we went back to the motel. AMAZING REBA-FILLED DAY!