Fan Story – Kat, Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Story – Kat, Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton

One of our readers, Kat, recently had the opportunity to see (and meet!) two of her favorite artists, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. She put together some of the best moments of her experiences and shared them with us!…

I am a fairly new fan of Blake Shelton- my first Blake concert was at Primm, the joint Miranda Lambert / Blake Shelton concert. I admit I was there for Miranda and only because I really didn’t know much about Blake yet, I had heard his songs on the radio but wasn’t even aware that it was Blake himself. Anyway, the Primm concert was amazing as expected; Blake gained a new fan right then and there [and of course Miranda was Amazing!] Sadly, I was unable to meet either of them at this show.

This fan story is about both Blake and Miranda but We’ll start with Miranda first as my 2nd time seeing her was during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas [where I live]. The Miranda concert was December 6th. This had to be my all time favorite concert of hers. She was performing at the Golden Nugget in this not so big of a showroom. I managed to grab 4th row tickets, unaware that they were running a package deal through her fan club for this particular show where I could have bought 1st row. But I wasn’t too upset about it- we [my sister and I] arrived early and I picked up my meet and greet pass but lets jump forward… so I am waiting in line for the meet and greet- the line was huge… the special package included a meet and greet so it was more than just the fan club crowd… and we only had an hour until show time so as I expected, we were herded through like cattle. I was so nervous though, Miranda is my favorite female artist and I had no idea what I would say- But she is/was such a sweetheart and as soon as I walked in the room she took over the conversation- we exchanged our hellos, how are yous, and she signed an autograph followed by our picture. I gave her a thank you and was on my way… very short but I can’t complain.

The show itself was amazing. So that 4th row I was telling you about… the security didn’t even care as I walked right up to the stage and stayed there for the entire show. I was directly in front of Alex the entire show but Miranda and Aden came over quite often which made for some great pictures. My knees took a beating though.. being right against the low set stage and I had the bruises to show it. Of course, I also had a few drinks so at this time I was not aware that I was giving myself bruises [and yes, soft tissue damage in my thigh] as I was dancing to the music and singing along. Miranda took my necklaces for her mic stand [I was given the mardi beads earlier that night] and she later came over and held my hand for a portion of one of her songs. Don’t ask me which song as I can’t even remember! Sadly my camera died on me before the show was over but it didn’t stop me from grabbing about 200 photos haha. My take for that show included the set list, a guitar pick handed personally to me by Alex, and of course, my memories. Sadly, my picture came out worse than expected.. it is very clear that I was nervous beyond words haha.

My 2nd Blake concert was January 23rd. He was here for the first night of the CBR. It was not advertised so unless you checked his tour dates, you would have never of known that he was going to be performing there. He was just here a month before [also for the rodeo] but I unfortunately had to miss that performance- I found out too late and already had tickets for Gary Allan!] ANYWAY.. I got to the South Point early and no one was able to and/or willing to help me find information. I went to two separate box offices and one woman gave me a serious attitude, while the others simply stated they had no idea about the events or what I was talking about. I was getting pretty worried as I made my way to the arena itself and ::gasp:: what was this I hear coming from an exibit room to the side of me..? Just on the other side of their Exibit Room A was Blake’s sound check. I wasn’t able to see him, but I could hear every word! I was getting very excited and eventually found his merchandise table. The guy at the table [I wish I grabbed his name]- he was extremely friendly and helpful, answered all of my questions, everything. If I caught his name, I would have loved to give him some props here.. Anyway, you had to have a ticket to the bull riding event to get into the concert afterwards [this was not a problem as I already had the tickets] but we would have to leave the event early to meet back at the merch booth to be taken to the back room for the meet and greet.

Blake’s schedule was overbooked so he actually had a show the next night in Michigan and his stage and trucks weren’t even in Vegas! He had to do his concert on a mini makeshift stage! Not only that, the meet and greet was supposed to be at 9:00… well, seeing as everything was running behind, we didn’t get into the room until 9:30. Blake’s road manager came in to give us the “time schedule” speech… there was only enough time for us to get one autograph and a picture. And then Blake walked into the room. I was 2nd in line so talk about being nervous. Ok, my turn now.. I handed the road manager my camera and walked up to Blake. He was so friendly and nice.. flashed me an amazing smile and ::uhhhh:: I was at a loss for words! I didn’t say much as I handed him my picture- well, I had 2 pictures in my hand but I knew the road manager said 1 autograph- Blake signed one.. and then signed the other [and no, I didn’t ask him to] =) So I figured our picture will be just a little side by side quick picture but nope, Blake put his arm around me and actually pulled me in for a really strong side hug… as in, I was kind of thrown against him- we looked as if we were attached at the hip haha but I wasn’t complaining. =) I couldn’t really say anything other than my hello as I walked up and my thank you as I left… I have no idea why I was so nervous… but the words just weren’t there at all. All I can say was his smile was beautiful in person and his eyes… wow.

Ok.. time to run to the exibit room where I originally heard him doing his sound check. They barred it off so the bull riders and their families had seats right at the stage in the VIP area.. everyone else had to cram behind the bar in standing room only. I was able to wedge into the gaps and get a pretty good spot.. only 2 people in front of me.. and then the bar.. so I was pretty close and had a great view.. a good spot to take pictures. But the lighting and overall atmosphere of this particular room was not very good and my pictures didn’t come out as well as I had hoped for. I was able to grab a couple good ones though so it wasn’t too bad I guess. Blake had to rearrange his intro as, like I said, his stage was already in Michigan for the next night. He put on an amazing performance; the sound was just right, and everyone was just having a great time. He threw in his cover of Conway’s “Tight Fittin Jeans” which is one of my favorite Blake covers and I wasn’t expecting it so it caught me off guard and put me in an even better mood… if that was even possible..? The rest of the night I was in my own little world.. just singing along to the music with one of my new favorite artists. … Now I see why Miranda and Blake make such an amazing [and very cute] couple.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us Kat!