Fan Story: Nicole Meets Luke Bryan

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Fan Story: Nicole Meets Luke Bryan

I met Luke Bryan at KC Power and Light. I actually saw him before when he opened for Sugarland at the Sprint Center on June 18th. A couple of days after I found out that he was coming BACK to Kansas City to play a free concert at Power and Light (courtesy of Q104 and Miller Lite). There was no way in the world I wasn’t going to see him again! I have been a fan since I first heard “All My Friends Say,” about two or three years ago.

Another awesome thing about this was that I got to meet my friend Sarah for the very first time! She lives in a town that is close to Topeka, KS. We are Kenny Chesney fans (if that doesn’t seem surprising enough! LOL) and we had only met online, but never in person! So as the days to the concert got closer, the more excited I think both of us got!

So I get to KC Power and Light a little bit before 5p.m. thinking that the entrance to PBR BigSky is going to be packed! Guess how many people were outside in line? Probably 7 or 8 people. Now that really surprised me. Especially if you hear (or read on facebook) on the radio that Luke is only doing a meet and greet for 40 people! But a lot of people actually didn’t get there until after 5:30. I didn’t care though. I wasn’t planning on leaving or losing my spot.

But I was really happy once Sarah got to PBR. We chatted for a long time and as we did, it seemed like time started to fly by. And good thing it did too because I was starting to get anxious! Finally around 6:30 they opened the gate and line to the meet and greet started to move. Ok, now I have tell you guys something REALLY funny:

About five minutes later, Luke comes out the door and almost everyone in line screamed. I think that scared him off because he went back out the door for about five minutes. Now I know that possibly isn’t true, but that’s just my opinion! But yes, he did come back out.

Ok, so finally it’s my turn to meet Luke and I think all the nervousness went away because I wasn’t shaking like I thought that I would be! He was really sweet and even took time to read my poster! Then he asked me where he should sign it. I pointed to an open spot (there wasn’t a lot of room because I had written on about 3/4 of it) and he autographed my poster. Then I got my photo with him. After that he said, “thank you baby,” and yes I just about died…ok well maybe not died, but fainted wouldn’t been a good word!

So after that Sarah and I went out downstairs and luckily enough there was a little opening by the stage. Luke was just simply amazing! When he came out on stage, the crowd just got into it. Not to mention that he waved at me during “Country Man.” I kept wondering if he had recognized me from the meet and greet. I think the best part during the show was when he asked how many people had to go to work tomorrow. About 1/2 or more of the audience screamed and he was like, “son of a bitch!” But it was an awesome concert and it was great to see Luke come back to Kansas City.

Oh and before I forget, this has been Luke’s THIRD time playing at Kansas City Power and Light. He even told the crowd how many people came to see his shows (which I know is probably an estimated head count). The first time, 500 people were there. The 2nd time, 2,000 people were there. This time over 5,000 people were there! Luke’s popularity has grown a lot since “Do I,” came out and that is a great thing! He puts on one hell of an awesome show. But getting to meet him…that just made my week! 🙂