Fan Story – Rascal Flatts Private Show

Fan Story – Rascal Flatts Private Show

Jackie and Courtney were lucky enough to win a contest through their local radio station in California that gave them the experience of a lifetime! The girls won a trip to St. Louis, MO to take in the sights and sounds of the city before attending a private dress rehearsal for the Rascal Flatts “Unstoppable Tour.” Read below as the girls recap their trip for us…

Rascal Flatts Private Dress Rehearsal Trip

St. Louis, MO” June 3 -5, 2009

During our trip in St. Louis, we toured the city, went to a Cardinals baseball game, enjoyed a cruise down the Mississippi River, went to the St. Louis Zoo, rode to the top of the Gateway Arch, and oh yea, attended a private Rascal Flatts Dress Rehearsal for their American Unstoppable Living Tour for this year!

We were excited to wake up Thursday morning. Thank goodness we had a whole day planned for us or we would have been getting super excited too early at the fact that we actually were going to meet one of our favorite bands, Rascal Flatts! When the time to hop on the bus for the show came, we couldn’t believe that we were actually in St. Louis and going to a private show! So excited that we almost forgot our camera!


The concert was at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre and we were scheduled to arrive at 8PM. It was a shorter ride than we expected and we actually got there at 7. That gave us an hour before the meet and greet to let us hang out in the VIP hospitality lounge to enjoy food and drinks and hang out with our new friends, all of the other winners. As we talked we realized that we may have worked the hardest to win this trip. We had to listen to our local radio station, KNCI, for an entire week for clues for 20 celebrities, then go to the stations website to figure out the silhouette of the person they gave clues about. The person with the most correct won! Most of the winners at the event won because they won a prize through their station which got them qualified for the trip.



Back to the show… at about 8:30 Gary, Joe Don, and Jay finally came out to meet us all! They were so sweet and very down to earth! Courtney got our sign (that we made 3 years ago) autographed and Jackie got a CD insert autographed. We both had shirts that we had made from the first year we saw them, so Jackie wore hers and Courtney updated her with the lyrics from “Summer Nights.” We made sure they saw them because how many times do you get to meet Rascal Flatts?!


Next it was show time!! As you may or may not know, the amphitheater is huge and we were told we could chose ANY seat. That was probably one of the toughest decisions we had to make at a concert since their were only 40 other people and the options were limitless. Needless to say, we picked seats right in front of the catwalk they had!


They began the show with their new single Summer Nights and continued to throw out the hits such as Me and My Gang, Melt, My Wish, Backwards, Here’s To You, Life is a Highway, Fast Cars and Freedom, Bless the Broken Road, Bob That Head, Still Feels Good as well as some on the new album like Here Comes Goodbye, Close and Love Who You Love.


During the show Gary would laugh and thank all 40 of us for coming! And for a group of only 40, we got pretty loud, singing the songs back to them and cheering them on. The show was so amazing! The bright backgrounds, the awesome graphics, and the fireworks really make a Rascal Flatts concert something special! The show was nothing short of AMAZING!!!! So if Rascal Flatts is coming to your town, or even a mere hours away, we suggest you go!!


There were a few highlights for us. First, Gary took Jackie’s phone because he wanted to take a picture of us. After about a minute of not being able to figure it out, he gave up and moved on to the next camera. A few songs later, Gary held down his microphone and let Jackie sing the very end of a song!


They then went on to jokingly say that there had been complaints on the website from us two that they move around too much and no one can ever get any pictures of them together. At first they turned around so we could take a picture of their backsides, then they took a few minutes to just stand there smiling for all of us! We thought that was cool of them! They also threw out a few guitar picks, and Jackie was lucky enough to get one of Joe Don’s!


Another highlight would have to be when Gary sat down on the edge of the stage and sang a song with Gary’s “twin.” One of the winners had the same exact hair, face, and build like Gary. The entire trip we all joked about how he could pass as him and that we were going to tell everyone that he came on every part of the trip with us! It was funny to finally see the guys’ reactions when they met him! They loved it!

This truly was the trip of a lifetime and we are so grateful to have won it! We arrived in Missouri not knowing what to expect, and left with many new friends and memories. Thanks you to KNCI, JD Haas Entertainment, Lyric Street Records, and of course, THANK YOU RASCAL FLATTS for making this the best prize we could have ever imagined!!!

Thanks so much ladies for your sharing your trip with us – we loved reading it and looking at all the pictures too!

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