Filmore Celebrates Release of Debut Album, ‘State I’m In’

Check out his cutting-edge sound on upcoming single, "Nothing's Better."

Written by Chris Parton
Filmore Celebrates Release of Debut Album, ‘State I’m In’
Filmore; Photo credit: Dove Shore

Newcomer Filmore has dropped the needle on his debut album, State I’m In, putting his hat in the ring as one of country’s cutting-edge artists.

Mixing soulful electronic pop with pure-country storytelling, the debut project was released on September 25 and features a full 18 songs. The Missouri native calls it “a culmination of the last few years and the ups and down that life throws your way,” and writes about everything from getting engaged to making his country dreams come true, and it all follows the breakout success of his 2018 track, “Slower.”

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perfect isn’t the right word.. today was UNREAL! it’s a moment you only dream of as a kid and it’s a feeling you can only get once in a lifetime. my DEBUT ALBUM is available around the world! how did I get so lucky to get this far and be able to share my story w/ so many people?! life is a crazy ride but I’ve learned to appreciate moments like these that ONLY happen because of y’all supporting and believing in me! please listen to this album and understand that it never would have happened w/o so many amazing people!!!!! the writers, the players, the family, the management, the risk takers, the fighters, the dreamers and THE FANS! i hope this feeling never ends and I love you. [link in bio]

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State I’m In as an album, is a state of mind but it also showcases specific places around the country that I wrote the songs about,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “This album is a look into my life over the last few years. It’s the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road, and living in Nashville. The only way I can tell my story is through country music. This genre has been a part of my life growing up and I always knew I was going to do this. I’m unapologetically who I am. My motto would be anything but typical.”

Produced by Zach Abend with help from Ian Keaggy, Justin Ebach, John-Luke Carter, Jason Massey, Jesse Frasure, Jordan M. Schmidt and Jimmy Robbins, the project features a forward-looking country pop sound — one which Filmore came to honestly. He grew up listening to everything from his Colombian grandmother’s salsa music to his dad’s ’80s rock anthems, and blends it all on State I’m In. A lyric video for the bouncy “Nothing’s Better” is out now, with plans to release it as a radio single soon.

“Releasing a full 18 song album is like Christmas morning!” he adds. “It’s one of those moments that are unforgettable. This is my first album, so I guess releasing it during a pandemic is all I know.”

After moving to Nashville in 2011, Filmore released several independent EPs. The grooving “Slower” came out in 2018 and the track has since been streamed more than 34 million times, leading him to sign a record deal with Curb Records and, hit the road with Lauren Alaina for her That Girl Was Me Tour earlier this year.

State I’m In track listing:

  1. New To This (Tyler Filmore / Adam James / Ian Keaggy)
  2. Slower (Tyler Filmore / Steven Jones / Justin Ebach)
  3. Country Song (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / John-Luke Carter)
  4. W.I.L.D. (Tyler Filmore / Michael Whitworth)
  5. State I’m In (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
  6. Heart’s Having A Hard Time (Tyler Filmore / Hannah Ellis / Jason Massey)
  7. Blue Skies (Tyler Filmore / Cary Barlowe / Jesse Frasure)
  8. Nothing’s Better (Tyler Filmore / John Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
  9. Busy (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach)
  10. Love That About You (Tyler Filmore / Benji Davis / John-Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
  11. My Place (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Justin Ebach)
  12. Other Girl (Tyler Filmore / busbee / John Luke Carter / Josh Kear)
  13. Pictures On The Fridge (Tyler Filmore / Jordan Schmidt / Bob DiPiero)
  14. Me Lately (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jimmy Robbins)
  15. Day Hour Minute (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / Josh Miller / Zach Abend)
  16. London (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
  17. Livin Easy (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jason Massey)
  18. Anyone But Me (Tyler Filmore / Jason Massey / Hannah Ellis)