Five Country Artists We’d Love To See Cast On ‘The Bachelor’

Five Country Artists We’d Love To See Cast On ‘The Bachelor’

Juan Pablo

On Monday night, ABC wrapped the 18th season of the hit show “The Bachelor.” Unfortunately, Juan Pablo Galavis left his final bachelorette with only a rose, as opposed to a ring on her left hand, leaving millions of Americans feeling stiffed. They invested their time into watching a Juan Pablo find love and all he could tell her was that he liked her “a lot”…What a bummer!

That got us thinking about the next season of “The Bachelor.” What this show needs is a true country man to come in and show Juan Pablo how it’s done. So we came up with a list of five artists we’d love to see cast on ABC’s “The Bachelor”…

Brett Eldredge - CountryMusicIsLove

Brett Eldredge: It would be tough for the ladies to resist Brett Eldredge’s distinctive baritone voice, knockout looks, and like-able personality. Plus, he’s undoubtedly a mama’s boy and that makes him all the more attractive.

Chase Rice - CountryMusicIsLove 2

Chase Rice: First off, have you seen Chase Rice? To say he’s a handsome fella would be an understatement. Although he appears to be a party boy, we think the bachelorettes would line up in droves to tame him. He’s no stranger to reality TV, so we could totally see him jumping on “The Bachelor” bandwagon.

Dustin Lynch - CountryMusicIsLove

Dustin Lynch: There’s nothing hotter than a true cowboy – the accent, the cowboy hat, the tight jeans, the Southern charm…Dustin Lynch brings all of that to the table and more. He’d be a shoe-in!

Chris Young - CountryMusicIsLove

Chris Young: Not too many ladies could resist this tall drink of water. He’s won countless “hottest bachelor” awards already, so he’s definitely fit for the role. Plus, his smash hit “Gettin’ You Home” is basically a “Bachelor” date waiting to happen.

Kenny Chesney- CountryMusicIsLove 3

Kenny Chesney: Kenny Chesney has been country music’s quintessential bachelor for years. That’s bound to change at some point, right?! Although it seems he’d be a bit shy for the role of finding love in the spotlight, we have a feeling he’d be a great contestant. Plus, who wouldn’t want to go to the fantasy suite with Kenny?

Who would you like to see cast on “The Bachelor?”