MTV’s ‘Floribama Shore’ Promises Roller Coaster of a Summer in Third Season

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MTV’s ‘Floribama Shore’ Promises Roller Coaster of a Summer in Third Season
Floribama Shore; Photo courtesy of MTV

MTV’s reality show, Floribama Shore, premiered its third season on Thursday, Nov. 14, and the new season is already shaping up to be a fun and drama-filled summer for eight people on the beaches of St. Petersburg, FL. Cast member Jeremiah Buoni had an exclusive chat with Sounds Like Nashville to let fans know what to expect from this season.

“There are friendships that get tested and relationships that get torn apart,” says Buoni. “There’s a whole bunch of stuff that goes into this season and that’s why we’re so excited for people to see it because this is our real life, and this is something that we’re not just doing for the cameras.”

The show follows eight young adults as they enjoy summer living in a beach house in the new location of St. Petersburg. The group certainly has fun together, but with eight different personalities living in the same house day in and day out, there are sure to be conflicts.

“Bad blood, I mean we say that, but honestly, it just comes down to whether or not we can tolerate each other’s opinions. That’s what it comes down to,” says Buoni. ”I feel like most of the fights that happen in the house are because we have a hard time tolerating each other.”

The two-hour season premiere, which included the first two episodes, found the group reuniting in the new house and having a very wild first night out. That good-time attitude soon dwindles when the girls, including Nilsa Prowant and Candace Rice, have a miscommunication about the room situation. The group then comes back together at the end of the second episode to have an anger management graduation party for Aimee Hall and to rally around their sick friend, Kortni Gilson. Season three also features the ongoing tension between former couple Gus Smyrnios and Prowant, which is especially strong now that Smyrnios has a girlfriend.

“There’s never not going to be a situation where Gus and Nilsa don’t have tension,” says Buoni. “From season one, and him feeling like Nilsa just basically tossed him aside, to finally in season two, Gus actually getting the chance to hook up with her and get to see who she is, and now, season three, seeing how they deal with either being friends with benefits, or being just friends, or Gus figuring out whether he still wants to be an honest boyfriend. There’s a lot going on with the dynamic of ‘Gilsa’ this season.”

The new season will also see the arrival of new roommate, Mattie Lynn Breaux, from CMT’s Party Down South. And, according to the season teaser, there will be brutal disagreement between the roommates, including a showdown between good friends Buoni and Smyrnios.

“Granted, it wasn’t the summer that I wanted, but the summer I needed, more like,” Buoni says. “I had a lot drama, a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, and my emotional limit was tested for sure, so I’m glad that I reacted the way that I did in each situation so people could see me for my entirety.”

Catch episodes three and four of Floribama Shore on Thursday, November 21 on MTV.